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@Fluxxx before beta season 13 start, remove this shit from the game
it's not protect small weak guilds as it was plan
from day1 it was mistake bring soft tier reset to the game
soft tier reset its an instrument of unfair competition 


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    Agree, all soft tier reset did is promoted the creation of burner guilds by shameless players, that's all.

    It's long overdue to tie up matchmaking to personal average scores instead of guild scores.
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    Maybe you will hire a specialist who will finish the beta war and there will be a normal war!
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    Would love to see the removal of the soft tier and what every other change is needed to get this game out of BETA.  We were told the BETA rewards were less than they would be once it is out of BETA so please lets move on.
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    I believe the soft tier reset was put in with the best intention, but it's not working. You can change the breakpoints, but someone's always going to suffer. The most vocal members in here are all representing top guilds. They are pitted against each other earlier in the season because of this system. There's already another system (win bonuses) in place that pits stronger guilds against each other at the mid/late season. I think people are mostly upset because they want fair play with no loopholes to abuse, and a scoreboard that accurately shows this. And that is not what we have right now.

    The guilds this system is hurting the worst are the guilds that just barely make it to master tier with 20 members now. They get stepped on both by well intending high ranking guilds and the burner guild abusers, and lose most wars through the season (my own guild is doing great, so I'm not complaining on my behalf).

    The big winners are the burner guild abusers lacking backbone and morals, as well as the half-full guilds who don't make it to master tier. They rank up much slower than full guilds, so they are much stronger than their opponents both at the end of the season and the start. A well organized half full casual guild will have much better win rates than most guilds on the top 100, which is a bit of a loophole as well. If your guild is not able to get a scoreboard position, why would you fill up?

    I suggest instead of the tier system, you make new weak bot guilds that weaker guilds match with if their win rates are below 30% or something like that? That should solve the problem the tier resets were put in for, right?
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    this season in top 10 we have 4 guilds that start season from Zero VP (~6700 for ww1) at same time another guilds start season from 40k VP. 
    This 4 guilds has different matchmaking conditions and first 2 wars collect points without even chance to lost and first 3 guilds use more player slots in war 3 than possible.

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    Congrats Sweden!
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    Congratulations to Sweden for winning the GW12 season🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
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    Are we giving the title to Sweden because of the burner guild issue?
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    There are 3 distinctly different regions of play that guilds fall under and ng is failing all 3 of them in different ways.

    1) Competitive leaderboard guilds. Tie multiplier of 1.25 bonus is doing horrible things as it deincentivizes these groups from facing each other. Making the tie multiplier 1.5, just like a win, helps fix most of this. There's some really great discussion on Discord about it right now.

    The competitive groups are missing a bunch of statistics which are IMPORTANT and not available visibly. The one I'd like to see introduced is the win-loss-tie totals. This should be available on the guild information screen as well, previous seasons results and current season results. There are some other stats to include. Someone else can chime in.

    2) The mid-tier guilds. There is a wide gulf of performance here. Paste described this above. Some struggle to reach master tier and get the reward. They have it worse than all the others. They constantly have the boot of other guilds pressing down on their throat. Who wants to play that game? His solution to match teams with big loss ratios against a bot team is smart. Give them the bot team several times in a row. Teams that face the bot at any point should be weighted heavily towards facing other teams that have played the bot for the remainder of the season.

    3) Extremely low scoring guilds, guilds small in player number, and full guilds that only play half their members in gw, they wreck the system approach entirely. They do more than participate in the leaderboard and shop rewards through an unplanned approach compared to a full guild which plays all of it's players. What they do is suffer against inequality in a non-zero sum system or they don't receive recognition and ranking for their abilities. Which guild has the highest average points score per member? A smaller group could compete in that and not require 20 players to do it. 

    There are so many loop holes the system feels like a colander and the water is draining out.