King Ezekiel - Regal Authority



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    I spend/invest alot of tokens for Ezekiel,  count me in as one disappointed player if he will be nerfed.
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    They over-analyze everything I fantasize. We can have a conversation we could pantomime, or you could come a little bit closer and put your hand in mine.
    This life is a prison, it's time to set you free. Watching the movie in silence describing what we see.

  • Killdozer187_
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    We love to see it
  • mir
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    Yes! Yes! Yes! Don't touch the King, he just got the power to lead the people to the uprising of the beloved class! Hands off Ezekiel!!! And now about the important thing: remove critical errors from guild wars and remove the Beta stamp or close this mode, errors create a negative in the community, to the game and to the NG developers!
  • ghost_pepper
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    ATLAS-Z said:

    @ghost_pepper it's my pleasure I aim to please.

    I'll ask you to forgive me for trying to create an atmosphere positivity but please don't let that stop you from another lengthy boring diatribe about how disappointed you are and how you're not going to spend any money. We heard it plenty but why not one more time? Regale us?
    I'll have to work up to my next pontification event. Give me a few weeks to get pissed off again and you can have another essay.
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    Where is all criticism about breaking EU law written by @rearrow or @rearrow1? Any explanation about this @Lexia ?
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