One thing you'd like to see in NML in 2022 💡



  • Burmeliinis
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    Do something to Guild Wars. Now it's the draw wars, and battles are not that interesting when everyone just plays for max score and you end with a lot of max score draws. 

    I think what has most potential is a "Expert mode" type, similar to Last Stand. So there's a set roster (same for everyone), and when you use that you get extra points (exact amount would have to be tested to make it fair). So you would have to balance going with the Expert team on a lower level map, or going with SMY on the max map. This would bring back the uncertainty of the good old days and a new challenge for the quite large amount of players now just cruising through GW.
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  • Lexia
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    Please only share ONE thing, so it's also easier to understand which suggestions are the ones that are gathering what sort of reaction by others :smile:
  • Pain Walker
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    I would Like to see a x5 option for Scavenge Missions.

    so for instance instead of 5 Gas you give 25 Gas do the mission and then get 5 screens with crates to open one after another… This way you get the mission reward x5 and you get to open all crates at once saving time on farming resources…

    When you have the Gas Booster then the Gas is free so you only have to spend Gold to do the crate unlocks 

    Probably making a video!

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  • Phalanx44
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    The ONE thing I see most valuable to the player base is a revamp on GW matchmaking.

    When everyone started from zero, for the first week or two, Master level teams would meet (and utterly destroy) low-mid level casual guilds, demoralizing them.

    Having a reset point still pitted high end teams against mid level ones causing blow outs. Worse yet, it encouraged the creation of brand new teams just to skirt the system, to avoid Master level teams meeting each other earlier on.

    Others have suggested it, and I think it's the way to go, matchmaking should be based on individual player's history. Use collected data from PAST wars, and match teams based on their roster's projected output (+/- 10% for some variance allowance).
  • Firekid
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    Separate the expert and normal last stand leaderboards to make expert mode actually worth attempting and being competitive. 

    Oh you’d said one thing… sorry. 
  • Bilbo_Sumkin
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    Добрый день!!!

    Добавьте дополнительные слоты для одежды и даже для оружия, если будет возможность сделать например, чтобы герой мог носить два оружия, или изменить его во время боя в миссии!

    Добавьте возможность крафтить себе к примеру в первом ремесленнике  перчатки, штаны, обувь, которая будет давать какое-то преимущество в %-ом виде. Например, чтобы можно было расплавлять ненужный шмот в компоненты и ​​крафтить из них себе вещи, или создать новый режим для извлечения этих компонентов опять же для его крафта!!! 
  • Smoose89
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    Shorter hospital times for injured or maybe the option to use health packs to heal up heroes from the hospital.
  • Spadinco
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    Some great ideas here.

    I'd like to see a memorial in game for Stu.  What happened to him?  Long live Stu!
  • Superhero
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    As mentioned before, trading different kind of ressources and equipment would be great, but this will be a wish only.

    This might be more realistic: Add more options to pay for items in the blackmarket. There are so many ressources and most of the time we have to spend gold.

    I don´t see a big advantage in buying a weapon or armor for 1000 gold at the BM before buying a bundle for cash in the real store. 
  • Jnpbl
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    edited February 2022

    I wish NG removes Star Hero system and weaken ranged heroes to rebalance the game. They created this system because of overpowered Yumiko’s LT trait. All challenge could be finished by SMY/SPY easily. 

    Now we don’t have variety of team, because the leader is fixed and we end up using SHPY. It's boring and at least our all guildmates don't like it. NG already announced to improve melee, but if we have fixed leader or overpowered ranged heroes, we’re confined to use them. New Carol is introduced, but I never used her because of the same reason. 

    How about increasing the walkers on the threat counter? Ranged heroes can shoot so many times freely, because the walkers spawn limited amounts. Moreover, we can block to spawn some walkers. That's why ranged heroes make this game so easy. NG can't nerf their LT, but if the walkers spawn much more, ranged heroes can't shoot as many times freely. It also revives silenced weapons and melee heroes.

    When ranged units attack by Yumiko’s LT, their attacks don’t cause threat but these should cause threat. Her LT’s description doesn’t say “their attacks don’t cause threat”, so it’s a huge bug! It’s illogical that nothing sounds. It’s should be fixed like PowerStrike. 

    I modified my comment, unlimited walker spawn was wrong idea. 

  • avelardez
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    Ability to redo chapter missions at higher difficulty levels. All with the added new walker levels. Been since 2016 and they were easy. Make it an expert mode and be able to reset like the distance. I would play the heck out of them old missions each week. Give new rewards. Make it a distance and last stand combo. 
  • rearrow1
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    i love the star hero idea, asuming some lt will be reworked. the main problem is healing time if star hero is in hospital. you cannot realy try anything else. 
    you only can heal with gold so many times too try something new. 
    i would love to see healing time for star hero reduced. 

  • Le_Mat
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    Well, there's something I don't want to see for the entire year:


    How about:

    1. A group of star heroes to choose from (pretty much like the Last Stand). 6 or 8.

    2. A star class, and every week you give a booster to a different one in that class that to motivate everyone to use them.

    3. A 4th star for something else that doesn't limit the team you want to take to a certain mission.

    Yes, we used SPY a lot. No, not for every single mission; there was also Pizza Glenn in lead, RGG, Beta, Rick... melee for the first part of the challenge... This idea was never about skill. Instead of a feeling the 4th☆ as a reward for using a certain hero in lead, it feels that you're punished with a star for using the team you feel most comfortable with. Also, if it was to stop ties in the leaderboard, well...
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  • Adeline
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    I would like Guild Wars to be designed in a fairer way since every guild is competing on the same leaderboard. Currently, each battle between different guilds are facing different layouts and different missions. Some islands have more KAWs and some do not even have a KAW. I suggest to have the exactly the same map layouts and missions for every battle on each day, no matter it's 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8 etc.

    And since KAWs are really easy for many, it should be removed permanently from GWs. Probably many would hate me for this too :lol:
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  • DiElEl
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    1. the ability to retire unlocked heroes just like common survivors 

    2. the fan option to edit a player's face or even our own cyberface in-game

    3. new common survivors faces

    4. keep it up with the introduction of new heroes (Mercer, guardian Carol etc)

    5. updated heroes outfits & clothing (see picture below)

  • Shian
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    Match making to co-op with other player ? maybe up to 6 player ? each player can chose one hero and one random player will be chosen as Leader and play a co-op mission ?
  • dagraham
    dagraham Member Posts: 1
    Maybe add a weekly quest with different levels of hardness. Could also add the same levels to the daily’s 
  • patwalker
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    A new game mode that includes pvp, and requires real-time voice interaction between clan players. So you can spend about 20 fun (Beer :p ) minutes with your guildmates!!!
    Something else: I would like to see the graphical part of the leaderboards improved.  That within the 100 the best 10 stand out.  And at the same time The first to third best player or guild etc... Also be able to filter by Country so you can see the best guilds in your country.
  • JordanYuki
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    Novell said:

    Reroll events (ones per month)

    - Reroll tokens in crates and chests
    - double reoll tokens in challenge and the distance
    - less reroll costs for rerolling traits
    - less, less, less reroll costs for rerolling badges (especially badge condition)
    Buying reroll tokens from GW shop and gathering some from challenge and distance for weeks to end up spending all of them for 1 trait is the most frustrating thing 
  • m4s
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    Add new talents to the badge crafting, like punish and perseverance 
    Without broken exists map 🤗
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  • zbot
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    Please remember it's one wish per person!
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