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I understand Nextgames is booting the Russians and their cronies. Have friends who play in Russia. Feel a bit sorry for them but what's going on in the Ukraine breaks my heart. Go Nextgames! 


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    I don't believe it is so much to punish the players who are not involved in the Ukraine invasion but moreso for Next games not to support the actions of the Russian Government.

    Guess we can have a fair Nation Wars now ;) Hehehe
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    I support the decision 100%

    I've been vocal about not wanting to purchase anything from them again. I'm reevaluating that. That's how much I support this decision.

    Maybe they can do a day where 100% of all the purchases are donated to Ukraine. Special packs and all that. I would support that immediately. 

    I keep doing Airbnb bookings and Etsy purchases, then canceling the booking and shipping so the sellers can keep the money. Airbnb and Etsy are not taking fees for this.
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