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Hey guys

So today @Lexia announced a new News Feed Section and I accidentally clicked above the thread which was @Teeceezy forum rules post and then it brought me to his profile. Suddenly was struck with so many Forum memories between 2015-2018. 
Remember the time of coming soon, working as intended etc? Remember when I decided to do a shirtless video that went viral? Or the time when so many of us got put in Forum Jail and I was alone in my room shouting "It wasn't my fault... I did nothing wrong. Zbot please release me!" 

So many good memories on here. I remember visiting NG's HQ in Finland in November 2018.. .or going out with @bladgier and @Shteevie in London for a pint... 
I would literary wake up in the morning and first thing would do is check out what was said on forums over night... so many good jokes and times. 
So many good CMs over the last 7 years like James, Teeceezy, Sam, Kaz, Fluxxx, Lexia and mods like zbot, David, Cherokee Rose and a few others (can't remember all names). 

I would love to keep this thread going for coming days, weeks and months and just for people to link up some funny threads and comments over the years that got many LOLs so we can have another round of laughs and nostalgia and even maybe introduce the new folks was went down before!

Here are some of my favs:

Remember when Kaz joined and we had the meme thread? It took me hours to make up some funny stuff about him:

Or @TheLostOnes predictions for 2018? 🤣🤣

Or these?

ok that's enough from me! Would love to see what you guys have to offer!

Probably making a video!

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