Defensive Charge Rework Idea (Morgan)

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Morgan needs to take hits to gain Charge Points with his leader trait and he can’t do that without any defensive support.

Here’s my suggestion;

Defensive Charge: Morgan has {0}% chance to gain a Charge Point when hit by an attack. While in Overwatch, Morgan’s damage reduction is increased by {1}% and each received attack increases his damage reduction by {2}% until the end of the enemy turn. 

Damage reduction received by his leader trait would ignore the 80% DR cap.

After surviving a few hits, his damage reduction could reach 100% until the end of enemy turn.

Damage reduction would increase after each received attack even when not in Overwatch.

Why these changes?

- Fixed damage reduction while in Overwatch would give him consistency as a bruiser.

- Damage reduction increasing after each received attack would have good synergy with the first part of his leader trait. (Take hits to gain Charge Points).

- Damage reduction increasing after each received attack would help him survive multiple hits even at high levels, especially if the first received attack is a Body Shot:

Exemple of what it could be:



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    99% DR is a good idea. 

    This would make Morgan useful. Because right now he isn't.
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    Yes please

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    I'll change it,
    Everytime Morgar inner in overwatch his health  up in (1%). Also when he get damage his damage reduction up per x% of the damage/ y %
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