R.I.P Slayer

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Just learned this morning that Calvin Sims aka Slayer has passed away. 
He was a lovely guy and always helped others to progress in the game. 
I'm sure everyone will miss him, a truly sad day for us all ❤️


  • WastelandMan
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    R.I.P bro :'(
  • ChrisScorpio
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    I'm sorry.😔
    He was always a very kind and good guy.😭
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    ..... Rip

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  • aquila
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    I'm sorry, he was a legendary player. My condolences to all his friends.
  • WastelandMan
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    this is not WW Slayer if someone like me though, but any way R.I.P Slayer 
  • Killdozer187_
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    This is terrible news
  • XeRo
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    RIP 🙏

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  • aquila
    aquila Member Posts: 227
    this is not WW Slayer if someone like me though, but any way R.I.P Slayer 
    Yes, i am WW Slayer. He was playing earlier and was in global leaderboard for a very long time. Later changed his name to SlayerStyle
  • BigBob
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    RIP. Remember, aim for the head. 💝
  • avelardez
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    My boy Slayer, aka, BlackDaSlayer go back to the beginning. I’m miss him. Best guy ever. Very sadden to hear of his passing. 
  • enigma12
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    WOW! Terrible news! Slayer was one of the original great players and I loved being in a guild with him.. Sad news indeed! 
    JAZZZMAN Member Posts: 83 ✭✭✭
    I resurrected my forum account to come here and pay my sad respects. RIP Slayer. 

  • FuriousMoldovan
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  • zeeblack
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    Sad to hear the news

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  • capibara
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    Really sorry for that 😔
    condolence.. i remember being a little “bitchy” with him in the first weeks of The Herd Returned… and i regret now…
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  • johnnytKd_
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    just jumping on here to say he will be missed. was an awesome dude and truly cared about people in his life. you knew he was real. RIP my dude. 
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  • javajnkie
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    My heart goes out to his kids. 
    I’ll miss you Slayer. RIP, old friend.
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  • vshield50
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    I hate to ask because I could not even bring myself to call his cell number....

    Can someone PM me what happened? I have videos and pics to share as well. I think I know but sorry I need to know.....
  • BloodyChainsaw
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    RIP SlayerStyle