Challenge Ranking: known bug?

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Help me understand a ranking situation here, if it's a known bug, a new bug?
The sum of the scores of individual players does not match the total points of a guild.
It seems to me that this has happened before with another guild in which a player started the challenge without having zero stars.
Wasn't this already fixed?
Is it a known (and not yet fixed) bug, a new bug, or some exploit of a new challenge bug discovered by the guild?

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  • MichelWars
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    it's sad to see that update comes and goes and ng can't fix bugs that affect guild scores. And the worst, when we open a complaint with support, it takes 3 days to read, they don't take any immediate action and they still ask us to get well.
  • LuisSantos
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    hello good night I would like to speak on behalf of the our guild..I am the leader of the clan..I come to clarify that there was indeed an error..a bug..a problem already recurring in other happened this time with the our clan this problem! I want to make it clear that we were not to blame.. on the contrary, we even asked for a repair against it.. that this problem is resolved and the dispute can always be as honorable as possible!! We does not condone any type of cheating in the game..we are totally against the use of bad faith!thanks and good night!
  • Lexia
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    @deividaclima @LuisSantos Please reach out to support with the detailed information on what this is about, documents/pictures etc. (I was not able to find any tickets on this while quickly checking). You can use the Forum to report bugs, but witch hunts and addressing players/guilds directly in this way is not approved.
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