Teeceezy needs you! Fill in a quick survey about push notifications – raffle included!

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Hi guys – I'm back for the moment, great to see so many familiar faces!

Quick intro for those I haven’t crossed paths with yet – my name is Thomas (better known as Teeceezy around these parts) and I work at Next Games – previously as a community manager but now working on the marketing side of things.

I return with a sincere request for your help! 🙏

In order to complete my masters degree, I’m currently conducting research on how players of mobile games interact with push notifications. To better understand these interactions, I’ve set up a survey. Completing it should only take around 5-7 minutes of your time, so it’s very quick!

Doing so will help me greatly, and in addition, the amazing folks of the NML team have promised to raffle 500 gold, and 2-day Gas & XP boosters to five randomly picked respondents! Be sure to leave in your player name and guild on the last page of the survey to participate. Winners will be selected and rewards sent to players on Tuesday 14.6.2022, when the survey closes.

Thank you so much in advance!

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