Outpost necessary changes

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I think the outpost wasn't made to effectively defense. It's a disappointing exercise losing almost all defensive tries.
Some things could change IMHO, first: you should be able to fight against your own outpost , to test if your tatics will be effective, giving a chance to repositioning and all.
Second, probably would be better remove all walkers from defense, I mean, walkers on level 26(max) against 29 heroes level is just to provide charge points. If I could, I would remove all of then, or just let me training them to a higher level.

Or... Outpost features is abandoned and I'm crazy with bad idea's 

Sorry for my bad English 
Any thoughts? 


    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,693 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If I could level the walkers up to 60 I would do it

    Spend them trade goods eh @WellyLuga

    And give us some rewards when our defense wins (other than influence) 

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  • ismaelt
    ismaelt Member Posts: 4
    ATLAS-Z said:
    If I could level the walkers up to 60 I would do it

    Spend them trade goods eh @WellyLuga

    And give us some rewards when our defense wins (other than influence) 
    I can't agree more, especially about the reward topic if defense wins. 
  • ghost_pepper
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    They will never change how outpost plays. It's written in a programming language no one at NG uses.
  • Heartlessknave
    Heartlessknave Member Posts: 13
    I agree with allowing you to test your own outpost to see how it is. However if it becomes easier to defend then the flip side is that they are harder to attack, so you have more trouble when you try to raid, so you'll raid less and rely on influence gained from successful defenses more, but other people will also raid less. So in the end making it easier to defend means people will all raid less and outpost/raiding will die off completely.

    I think walkers are fine, just need to be bumped up to lvl 32 max level, or 1 level below where you get only body shots at lvl 29 legendary.

    The big changes I really want are to double the amount of TG per raid, and most importantly to also double or better yet add a zero to the end of all cycle rewards.
    10k for the effort it takes to get from 5600->8000 every couple of weeks is a joke. Averaging 10 influence and 500tg a round gets you atleast 2400 influence and 120k tg for 240 succesful raids. Each of which take about 2min on average in my experience, for 480min (8h) raid time per cycle (excluding influence from successful defenses, which are not common to lower level/newer players), equaling 34.3min a day. That's not including all the rounds that you just take the tg and complete it, or have to draw, or lose, or get raided and lose influence that you have to make back.

    I also have to draw a lot as I either: can't beat the defenders without ending up in the hospital for 2+ hours from retaliate and revenge, can't beat the defenders after opening the gate because 100% invulnerable carl leader (using yumiko and doing 9 hits + 1 hwacha and he doesn't die is bs), conditions above and can't reach the trade goods immediately after opening the gate, or get hit by an overwatch attack from primed as I run to get the TG immediately after opening the gate.

    It would be really nice too if overwatch would actually attack the human defenders trying to kill you instead of the random walkers that spawn after you open the gate.

  • ghost_pepper
    ghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,188 ✭✭✭✭✭
    See my above post.