move priority order (ezekiel lt)

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please moderators, don't close my topic or ask me to look for support, because after waiting several days they replied that certain game mechanics are secret and cannot be revealed.

This is what I thought: from what we can see when we leave ranged classes on the lookout and we have zombies that are part of the horde, the horde zombies move before the others and are hit by the classes on lookout.

in my case there was a zombie in the horde that would move to the right, and a tank zombie that would come down towards ezekiel.  What I imagined would happen would be for the horde zombie to move first to the right towards whoever recruited it out of shove range, and then the tank would descend towards the ezekiel being simply pushed upwards.  Only what happened was that the tank came down before the horde zombie moved, ezekiel pushed it against the horde zombie causing the horde to be broken and the zombie that was in the horde came down and attacked the ezekiel.

I would like to know if the zombies' movement priority mechanic is different when ezekiel is in the game?  or if it has to do with the type of zombie and each one has a different priority?  or if this was an unacknowledged bug?


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    The walker that is closest to you moves first. Btw in case you didn’t know, you could have made a quick move downward with Zeke and left him in overwatch. Overwatch attacks with the morning star are also 100% guaranteed to push so he would have pushed both tanks. 
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    @JordanYukiThanks for the clarification, your answer was much more enlightening than support.  And really at that moment I didn't think I could have left it on the lookout
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    Topic can now be closed