GW needs new maps level 55/60 or 60/65

I'm bored gw, when is NG going to add higher maps?  too monotonous... it's time for islands 60/65. 

There is no competition, playing to a draw, also without any difficulty, very boring... it should have more opportunities for any player to die with higher maps, more and more weapons, extra heroes and everything else makes the game more and more easier, but really what everyone likes is GW, it's too abandoned, it needs an evolution in urgent difficulty.  😊😜 higher missions please.



  • Muirna
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    Or maybe you should ask NG to bring back permadeath and extend it to all heroes in all game modes -- but only for those who are bored. It will make it much higher stakes and less boring for all of you bored players. Higher level walkers will not do much to make you less bored, as evidenced by all the recent posts complaining about Challenge being too boring.
  • Rohlikzauchem
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    @Muirna you piece of troll 🤦‍♂️
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    the idea you publish will convert the challenge and GW, the same game mode as land stand (if that happens I'll withdraw from the game, I say it because I don't like LS 😅). The global top of scores 5358 is not always filled, some people simply exaggerate, regarding LS it is simply boring, since I started that game mode I don't like it, I only play for the supports, I think that putting higher maps if it would increase the difficulty , maybe not for those who have the heroes at max level 10 traits. but for some players in the clans yes and that unbalances the games, at least everyone could enjoy a little more playing missions more suitable for them, it would be a little more fun I think .
  • Muirna
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    @Muirna you piece of troll 🤦‍♂️
    Sorry, I'm just getting tired of so many threads recently about GWs and the Challenge being too boring, and have to joke around with you guys about it at some point. There is zero consenus on any solution that would make every bored person happy. If you go read the thread where people are complaining about Mercer, those people don't think any level walker would stop them from having to play SMY, which they find boring.

    I do sincerely think the bored players should form their own group or league where they can vote on some sort of agreed solution to their boredom that they can implement on their own though, whatever that might be, because they sound really unhappy with a game that is meant to be fun.