Survivors with LTs

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I had a silly thought about giving survivors a chance to reroll the leader traits of heroes belonging to their class. If all the leader traits were added to the pot when rerolling a regular survivor with an equal chance for them all.

Imagine a regular assault with Man At Arms, Royal Rampage, Lucky, Deadly Tactics and Ruthless as their traits.

Or a regular shooter with Firing Squad, Jackass, Teamwork, Lucky and Critical Aim.

They still wouldn’t have their own leader trait, so couldn’t apply anything to teammates if they were in the leader position. But we could build a mega survivor for each class  :)


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    Cute daydream buddy lol. 

    Cheers 😉🍻

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  • Muirna
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    That might be a way to make survivors a little more relevant at least. I never use them anymore.