New Savior Handgun - No crippling

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my guild member reports that the new savior handgun from gw shop didnt cripple (Boosted updates with gold).

here are the link to the video

Please fix this because players invest gold for faster updates and then that weapon didnt work?


  • Muirna
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    (And hopefully while NG is fixing this, they can also restore the lost VP to the Guilds that were rolled back further than they were supposed to be, who are starting this season in the wrong tier and aren't able to purchase it yet due to this error. Thank you!)
  • Lexia
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    Savior Handgun not crippling has been fixed. Please restart the game and re-equip the weapon, and you should be able to cripple them enemies!

    More on tier resets later ☑️
  • Bassreactor
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    this is Not help.
  • Bassreactor
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    Today new gun is working(old not work)