Having to beg for compensation?

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  So now we have to beg NG to be compensated for their mess up. Funny they did it before but not now. Why is that? Must be so big they can now afford to alienate long term players. I’m sure they will be financially impacted if I stop buying from them. At least I can gain some measure of satisfaction by going back to f2p. I am literally floored by this. This could have cost us a very tight match, thank goodness we pulled it off. Unlike the last war we’re this bug not only cost us the game due to 9 bad swords, but we had to beg for compensation and only a two players received it, myself included. Yet now begging isn’t sufficient, and since I am not up close and personal I can’t bribe anyone or wile them with my guiles. I am so put out by this, I haven’t been this mad since I don’t know when! Ugh! 😡


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    Same boat. Resulted in a loss in my last battle due to missing swords. Contacted support and they gave me a blast grenade and 30 points because of "an issue" they saw, resulting in a lost sword. 
    This has been plaguing my entire guild in every battle we've been in since the GW season started, again. 
    Is every player supposed to send in a ticket after each battle?
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    @hdhdh Don’t know. I sent one in after the last war and got 30 RP, evidently not as important as you, no grenades. LOL However when I sent this last one in they told me nope. I did send this in, per what I read, during the battle. Don’t see how this makes a difference. Also I see that the compensation is not equatable now.
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    In our first war with the bug, we were in a tight contest and lost because of the lost swords. NG gave the entire GW team the RP bonus we would have earned had we won. That was nice. We obviously had the same issue again on the next war, but won. But we lost several attacks and could not complete our last island. NGs response was to have those affected contact them. Some did and got some RPs but the guild team still lost out on bonus RPs. Then, we won our second battle and lost some more swords. Contacted Support again and now we get nothing. Apparently, we should not be complaining at all. We got what we got with the battle. That's some pretty crappy Customer Service. It's not like we are asking for real money, It would be nice to get some additional RPs (and VPs) for this NG bug.  I guess the new overlords at Netflix feel that some virtual currency is too much to give out. I am no longer spending any money on this buggy game. :neutral:
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    Sorry for your troubles mate. I also hope this gets worked out soon because it is super annoying.

    I also understand the hesitancy to dole out "compensation" for "doubling up" since so many guilds do this on purpose. I'm sure that wasn't the case with you but there would be no way for them to tell if someone were trying to take advantage of a liberal compensation situation.

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    @ATLAS-Z yeah, I get you. We double up on KAW’s when we have left over attacks. I didn’t request those. I just think it’s wrong compensating once, but not another time, or not being equatable in the compensation, (evidently). But thanks, I appreciate you.
  • BigBob
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    @Governator I’m going to send them some of this money right here 🗑💰💵💸 😂
  • BigBob
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    So in response, I get this. Certainly failed to meet my expectations. So basically we will throw you a bone when we feel like it, the rest of the time ‘pick over the scraps’. Thanks guys, I’ll be sure not to disappoint either.

  • BigBob
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    Latest response. Guess that’s that. I played this game for almost three years without spending money, I guess I can again.

  • Pikotard
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    I realize I may be in the minority here (which is crazy) but I think customer support handled the request perfectly.  You gave no indication of losing out on something "extra" like completing an additional island or losing the war.  From what I can gather, you didn't actually lose out on anything.  (you both already received the RP according to support)

    From the looks of your follow up comments, it looks like you made the ticket in the hopes of receiving 30 RP... That is ridiculous to me.  I hope there are not other players like you creating tickets like these.  You probably don't realize it but these trivial requests are taking up a ton of time which I bet can be spent better elsewhere.   
  • BigBob
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    @Pikotard Large leap there buckaroo. Just looking to add it up to move up tiers. Appreciate your input.