Is Last Stand fair??

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There is only one game mode in all of NML where there is a clear winner and 2nd, 3rd …. Why?? Why would you make the entire community have to look at such a thing? Everywhere else we can tie. No clear winner. Everyone gets the 1st place prizes if you can reach the capped max scores. Yet the Last Stand mode is still using the old scoring system that allows for people to feel inadequate and less of a player. This must be changed. It’s a micro aggression towards anyone who can’t be shown as #1!! Last stand must be reworked to allow for everyone to achieve the same amount of prizes and be able to tie. I know the community will fully support this because allowing for a clear winner may violate the bully rule of NML!! If you have one player who gets 1st whenever they want it a bully no? Thanks 🙏🏼 @Lexia


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    That is what is wrong with this world, no one wants to fight for the top.  "I played so I should get the same prize as everyone else."  Sorry I think all modes should have the ability to show a clear winner, no meaningless caps on scoring, my top player win the best prize.  Drop the participation trophies and lets crown some winners.
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    My beef with last stand is different, since the x35 score multiplier for expert mode players who can't do expert mode have been seriously disadvantaged. Before this I was top 5% regularly, now I'm top 15% because all scores are in the same group. Expert and normal last stand should have separate leaderboards. I'm getting the same scores but less support tokens because of this. 
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    This is Terminator Kaz approved bullying. Outrageous! 😆 
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    Pretty sure this is a joke (and quite a funny one!) but just in case it’s not I thought it was worth pointing out the only reason all the other game modes have so many people tied at max score is because those ‘bullies’ figured out all the best strategies and mechanics of the game and then shared it with the rest of us for free  :)
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    BenjaminT said:
    Pretty sure this is a joke (and quite a funny one!) but just in case it’s not I thought it was worth pointing out the only reason all the other game modes have so many people tied at max score is because those ‘bullies’ figured out all the best strategies and mechanics of the game and then shared it with the rest of us for free  :)
    I don't think he's joking. He's consistent with his messaging about wanting the challenge cap removed. I just want an update without new bugs.
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    Expert mode is the best that is currently in our game for the individual skill of the player!

    Every week you need to think about the composition of the heroes, their equipment and support, and manage to survive with them for as long as possible!
    In this mode, everything depends on only one player, and that's great.

    In expert mode, there is a limitation in the choice of heroes, this makes it possible to come up with new tactics and that's great.
    If you can't do anything there, why do you want to limit other strong players?
    This is the only mode where a player can be the best at the end of the week!
    The game is already slipping in the direction of simplification and loss of interest, and you want to make everything so simple that any noob can gain as much as good players?
    If Elon Musk is the richest man on the planet, does that hurt you too?)
    Who should bring you up to his level?
    Only work and effort makes us better.
    There should be competition in the game and the one who plays better in fact should receive more prizes and awards!
    You are screaming for everyone to be leveled to mediocrity, how low it is ...

    WG mode has taken over SMY, there's been no interest there for several seasons. This is the most rotten mode, because there is no point in playing with someone other than SMY.

    The expert of the last stand is the best thing for a smart player, because there you can’t play with primitive schemes that have long been boring.
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    People just don't get satire any longer...
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    The Last Stand is basically where the whales of the game get to spend their tools now that they hardly ever need to use them on the challenge or in GW. Let them have their fun!
    I’d love to see what a tool free leaderboard would look like. I know for a fact I still wouldn’t be on it!
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    Alright I'm ready.
    Please continue 

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    fully support the author of the topic, let the NG make a maximum of 1 million points on one attempt, let's together save these cyber sportsmens from hours of play
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    Just auction off the top spot each week. Highest bidder gets a virtual trophy and can walk around like they've achieved something.
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    I posted already that NG should sort challenge LB by average stars for the past 8 weeks or so rather than the rather complex but mostly arbitrary way of sorting they are doing today
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    hahaha!! that has to be a joke! no one could say this seriously 😂😂😂😂
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    I don't even play Last Stand. I hate it. 
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    Tux77 said:
    Let’s just all calm down and focus on what’s really important!! 

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