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After the update has anyone had an issue with losing their accounts? 

My friend & his wife use the same iPad with different game center ID’s.

One will play during the day, logout of their game center, and the other login to their game center at night & play their account.  

They have enjoyed NML for years & now both accounts seem to have vanished.  Immediately after the update, both were able to login fine & play…. But the next login, it restarted them as if they were new players.

Is there anything that can be done?  I realize most ppl are fortunate enough to have multiple devices in their households, but is anyone else facing this issue?


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    If the accounts are linked to the respective Game Center account logging out and logging back in should work, if it restarts if you finish the tutorial it should ask if you want to restore if not use the link to submit lost game it may take some time since you need to contact with the right Game Center account
  • IrishNudist
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    Thanks.  They tried all this & no luck so far. Was hoping it was not an isolated incident (and also hoping it was, for the sake of others).
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    Best thing is contact in game support, click settings (gear icon), help, contact us, and use the link above for the information to provide but here's a recap.

    If that doesn't work, first make sure you have your new game attached to your Google Play or your Game Center account. Then contact us from the in-game Settings providing the following information and labelling your message "I lost my account":
    • In-game player name of original game
    • In-game player level of original game
    • Name of guild from original game (if applicable)
    • Platform (Android, iOS)
    If you made in-app purchases on the lost save game, remember to include receipts of your purchases in your message. These will help us recover your account.

    Remember to send all the necessary information for a faster account recovery process!
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    @IrishNudist I have also lost my account. Already contacted support and am waiting for a response. 

    I usually reinstall twice a month due to various issues or bugs with the game but have never had an issue recovering. Until now when I reinstallled hoping to stop a crashing issue and now the game only shows me a level 1 account to recover. Have not changed anything, still using the same apple id and game center. 
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    Ty!  So it may be multiple users impacted after the update.  Hopefully it’s resolved.
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    I know of 2 more people who have lost their account.
    One last Thursday and another today after the new update..
    Seriously getting stupid. As if all the bugs aren't enough to worry about..
    I am dreading logging on only to find my account has been lost 
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    Its STINGER01 not Singer01 lol
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    I’ve also lost both my accounts 
    Bubble of Gangs of London and Ares of GangsofLondon 2. 
    NG please sort this. I even had to call your head office in Helsinki and still unresolved