Max What??

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Nice to see the challenge cap has been lifted. Thanks for listening. I look forward to seeing how BIG the scores are this week. 


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    Is this for real?  I must have missed this.
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    @Tux77 You might make your point across a lot easier if you explained a bit more what is on your mind, instead of writing sarcastic comments on the Forum. Not to mention it would also make the discussion much nicer to have.

    Could you kindly start over and share what you are wondering about, because we have not lifted the Challenge cap?
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    @Lexia, here in germany the challenge has no name, only says weekly challenge. Is this for all the same or a mistake?
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    Will check that with the team, thank you @ladre5 !
  • 打不过就跑
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    There was no name at the beginning of the Chinese challenge! It was not until around 10:30 pm Beijing time that I exited the game and logged back in, that the name of the challenge was displayed。
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    @Tux77 mean this WW overscore...

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    The Challenge map set name was updated shortly after the initial report, thank you again for that :smile:

    For the Challenge scores - we have investigated a few cases from before with higher score shown in-game, even one recent one, but unfortunately there hasn't been enough information to go in order to understand the cause. For now it seems to be visual only, but would great to get some more information on steps and happening before the issue occurred, in order for us to try to investigate the matter more.
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    Boom boom boom I want * in my room...
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    As you can see in the attached image, how is it possible?
    The maximum should be 5358x20=107160

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    its not GW board