Additional icons for guild wars mission types

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Rather than using a claw icon for kill the tough walker, search for clues, and get to the exit, instead use:
* a magnifying glass for search for clues
* a running stick figure for get to the exit
* the claw icon only for kill the tough walker 

The one icon being used for multiple mission types defeats the purpose of displaying icons (one still must tap to view and then close view).

Thanks for considering! 


  • Phalanx44
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    The current icons don't tell you what kind of mission it is, it tells you if there are walker piles, or a spawn counter in play. They assume you will check the mission type yourself, but it's the spawn version that wasnt knowable before.

    But to expand on your idea, what if there were icons for missions type, and a color coded background for spawn variation, or a border change (like our player badges) instead of a cluttered icon with multiple meanings?
  • Artminius
    Artminius Member Posts: 524 ✭✭✭✭
    Oh, I didn't realize that. Huh. 

    OK, use unique icons for mission type and, say, a red border for spawn piles, another color for counter, and both those colors for both (if applicable).

    I mainly need to see mission type, but being warned of piles or counter would be nice. 
  • Firekid
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    You can’t get both types in one mission @Artminius i assume your are talking about being able to see mission type when not playing that day? Because obviously when playing you it’s go in and check.
  • Phalanx44
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    Yes. For non-player overseers, it would be vastly beneficial to see mission type, rather than spawn variation, at a glance, since Spectators can't tap to see mission types.

    However, players of the day can see mission type by selecting, and then the spawn type is knowable before hand by the icons.

    I see the argument for both types of information, and that's why i suggested a combination icon - image for mission type, colored background or border for spawn type. Currently, only KAWs are identifiable from a Spectator's POV.
  • FuriousMoldovan
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    @Artminius new GW icons refer to threat generation type in this mission, not the mission type :)

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