Normal survivors

When was the last time we had an event with normal survivor tokens being doubled in the calls?  Maybe we won’t since normal survivors aren’t used that much anymore. 


  • Noiserating
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    They are still useful for PVP but I won't spend radios for them (except free radios)
  • ZXer
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    Also useful for Last Stand

    And for some classes like Warriors and bruisers - ESPECIALLY bruisers -, they are useful also in challenge as fresh meat to replace hospitalized heroes

    I also won't be spending radios for them as their tokens are quite plentiful. You can even just keep cycling through them trying to get unicorn or almost unicorns spending rerolling tokens
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  • Novell
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    I have one each class. Only hunter and bruiser will use in Last Stand (often) and challenge (sometimes).
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  • Angelspit
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    Hunter and Bruiser for me too. I also had an assault (a Hershel Greene lookalike) that I used fairly often until the class got outrageously dominated by Princess and then Mercer.

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