Nations United Cup 2022 General information

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It’s time to be united

Sign-up dates: 31 October – 13 November
Event date: Week of 21 November

☆ The event:

Create or join a team for a challenge that represents as many nations as possible and fight as one against walkers! We will give a list of tasks at the beginning of the week to complete (also, more nationalities, more points!). Depending in the number of teams that sign up we will set up different leagues, one winner per league. Each team leader and co-leader would be in charge of collecting the photo or video proof, as well as sending info to their guild. 

☆ Requirements:

To participate, you need to either create or be part of a team with players that represent a minimum of 7 different nations or territories* (additional points per extra nation or territory presented). Each team will be given a guild name to participate.

Line is suggested for all participants, but it's compulsory only for team leaders and one co-leader. Each leader is responsible for keeping all their guild members informed about the event.

* Nations or territories:

We understand nation or territory as autonomous countries or independently governed islands. In case of areas in conflict, please check with the admin team to avoid registering two people with the same nationality. In case of players with a country of residency different than origin, they can decide which land to represent.

☆ How to register

The team leader submits a form to register with the entire team. Information per player required is in-game name, territory that represents, average score (via Google Forms). Additional information includes alt account details (for players with more than one account).

If you want to participate but don't have a team, you can go to this forum post (TO BE DEFINED), write the nation you represent and start average. You can also join this Line chat ( and introduce yourself there.

☆ Rules:

Political and religion subjects

Be together!
In this event we unite the nations! It is strictly prohibited to start any offensive discussions in event-related chats (politics, religion, etc.). The chats would be cleared, and players who start such talks would be banned from chats and event participation 

Be honest!

We don't have a way to check each player's origin or residency status, so please be honest with yourself and with your team, otherwise it will be a tainted participation.

Be kind and patient!

Not everyone is used to Line, not everyone speaks the same language and not everyone has participated in a community event before, so be kind with the other players.

Don't be toxic!

We understand toxic behavior as defined by Next Games in the Fair Play rules. In case of any action that goes against other players or the admin team, the admin team can decide to remove the player from the chat and/or the event and report the behavior.

☆ Organizing team:

English: Relb (Line ID: Relb1029), Le Mat (Line ID: le.mat.nml), Van777 (Line ID: Wtvan777)
Deutsch: Isa (Line ID: Onlyk77) darkdestination (Line ID: darkdestination) 
Spanish: Le Mat (Line ID: le.mat.nml), Van Helsing (Line ID: vanhelsingspain), Shewolf Alfa (Line ID: shewolfalfa)
French: Van777 (Line ID: Wtvan777), Gallifrey (Line ID: gallifreynml)
Italian: Angelica (Line ID: giorgina93)
Portuguese:  Lucasstz (Line ID: Lucasstz), ViniCasonatto (Line ID: vinicasonatto)
Russian: FragCanDance (Line ID: fragcandance), OxiTaxin (Telegram ID: @OxiTaxin)
Chinese (simplified): 八成新 TerryNg (Wechat/Line ID:ryuango)
Chinese (traditional): 晴天姬 Haruga (Line ID: yami810412), Koolo (Line ID: koolola) 
Japanese: 晴天姬 Haruga (Line ID: yami810412)
Turkish: ekrem67 (Line ID: ekrem670)
Polish: BabaJagna (Line ID: babajagnapl)
Greek: Thanos (Line ID: thanos_m). 

Guilds leaders find your teams here👆

Guilds leader - Coleader / Your guild info 👇

USA guilds team leader & Coleaders 
Need help finding more teammates 

✰ Nations United ✰. Discord link






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           ✰ Nations United ✰
    If you haven’t found a team follow this line app link 
    and I see if can help you talk to a leader

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    Hey I like this. No politics, no bs of who or how they play just pack the best together and play? You woke me up. I love it!
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    @relb67 in terms of determining nationality to represent. Player was born in Finland but now lives in Mexico (warmer weather). Do they get to then choose their nation from those two? What is the criteria for selecting your nationality? Must be a citizen? Must have been born there? Was born in country X, spent most of my life in country Y, but now reside in country Z (which one can be chosen here)?
  • relb67
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    Cronus yes they can choose the country they want to represent whether it be Finland or Mexico The more nations that represent your team the better
  • relb67
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    Hey guys still time to come find your team for the — or come join and become a leader and form your own guild Nation team **Nations United** awesome community event  this is the welcome link your start to a Nation United

    Welcome everyone. For those looking for team mates to form a team, you can do that in "looking for players" chat

    After entering "looking for players" chat, you can leave this "welcome" chat

  • Hanan
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    Hi all! We are looking for new players for our team who want to participate in Nations United 2022.
    Our line-up : 
    TWD e vida Brazil 🇧🇷 1500*
    Sasha Belarus 🇧🇾 600*
    Schnipperson Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 
    Rahman Turkey 🇹🇷 3500*
    Roxarta Russia 🇷🇺 3200*
    Hanan Russia 🇷🇺 2600*
    Viktorius Russia 🇷🇺 2300*
    -11- Russia 🇷🇺 4800*
    Sanechek-Z Russia 🇬🇧 1779
    Owl Ukraine 🇺🇦 1000*
    Cossack Ukraine 🇺🇦 1000*
    Yohann France 🇫🇷 5000+*
    Nigan Turkey 🇹🇷 800*
    There is a place for everyone according to strength and capabilities. We will teach and teach everything
    If you want to participate, go to the what's app chat  / telegram
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    relb67 said:
    Cronus yes they can choose the country they want to represent whether it be Finland or Mexico The more nations that represent your team the better
    For registration the form has "Enter state if US player". Will states be regarded as unique territories? Trying to figure out how to answer the number of countries/territories represented on our team. If different states are counted as unique then our number is much different.
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    Team is registered, but misread original post about being given a guild name to create and have people join. I haven't heard anything about that after registering. Can't we use our current guild name? We meet all the requirements to play. Just not sure what's happening.
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    Hey Governator I just sent you a PM