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Hey there everyone,

I would like to ask couple of questions about "nation wars" and game itself.

Not so long ago,there was news in game about how twd nml will remove the game from Russia and Belraus because of whats happening right now. So i would like to ask, why there is "team russia" in nations united? And why there still are plenty of russians in game itself? Providing a screenshot just in case someone missed the news.
Thanks for answers and have a great day everyone 


  • barbarian
    barbarian Member Posts: 1
    I agree with post.
    NG you promised to Ukrainian players that rus and belarus will be banned.
    Now we can see that your promise was false.
    We demand to remove rus from participating in UC 2022

  • Madmind
    Madmind Member Posts: 3
    The national team requests still exist from the NW times. They are not current!
    There are no national teams at N:U