i am deep into the game level 77, all survivors at 26-28 amd a guild leader, so this is a real rookie hole in my game….how do youbcombine badges to get the max power ? I have accidentally done it on about 5 of my 50 ish survivors, but no clue on what the commonality is.. Help appreciated :)


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    @CharlieDelta55 - You need to have 4 or more badges from the same set, i.e. A, B, C,D or E

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    Also, pretty much all troops except bruisers you want x3 Damage and x3 Critical Damage badges, ideally in the same set (A, B, C, D, E) 

    Bruiser can also be offensive ☝️, but most often they are built defensive with x3 Damage Reduction and x3 Health badges.

    Critical Chance badges are rarely or never used by most players

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    I'm waiting for the introduction of Lucky badge 😎