Can I have two accounts on same Android device

How can I have two game accounts on one Android phone (Samsung S22)?
I've tried launching the Play Games app and switching to another Google account, selected the option to "always ask" which account, disconnect account in game and switch account...
Nothing seems to work.  The game always wants to connect my level 78 game no matter which Google account is active.
I've also tried force stopping the game and clearing data.  Still can't get two game accounts on one Android phone.


  • m4s
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    In Xiaomi i have second space, works great.
    Try to find sections cloned apps in settings menu

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  • Skywithin
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    Easy. If you have a second Google account go to Settings > Account & Setting. Click disconnect and than connect again (sometimes need to repeat twice). You should get a popup screen where you select your Google account.
  • FuriousMoldovan
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    Yep ↑ this works on Android, although usage of 2 or more Google Play accounts is not officially supported by NML on the same device.

    It could cause progress save issues on rare occasions.
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  • SJC
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    Multiple accounts app works just fine
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