Tyreese Bundle Mispriced?

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Usually Star Hero Bundles cost 20.99$ CAD. Last week the Star Hero Bundle with Princess was 17.99$ CAD. This week, the one with Tyreese is 27.99$ CAD? I was excited to see the price drop to 17.99$ and was hoping Star Hero Bundles would stay at that price since I always thought 20.99$ was a bit expensive. Why did it go down to 17.99$ and then up to 27.99$?

Took the screenshot of the Princess bundle on discord, its 17.99$ in CAD

Both offer the same thing why 10$ difference?



  • ZXer
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    Actually I have a buyer's remorse after buying that top bundle LOL. Soon enough they'll come up with tactical-ruthless-primed-lucky armor and that decimator would be obsolete. That being said the same thing could be said about the Morning Star, and they ALREADY came up with the tactical-ruthless-primed-lucky armor for warriors. So the silver trait could be replaced by razor or destructive and it could be obsolete too.
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  • RiotZappa
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    They know some people don't have Tyrese (or a legendary version) so are cashing in. Everybody has Princess.
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    @RiotZappa is right. I can't believe I sat scratching my head for 5 seconds.

    Everything is a higher premium when it's new, and this game certainly has followed that trend during its lifetime. 

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  • JordanYuki
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    You really think it makes sense that its +10$ because it offers 250 Tyreese instead of 250 Princess? That price is a mistake right? @Lexia
  • JordanYuki
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    The Hershel ⭐️ Hero bundle wasn’t that expensive and he came out in the same update as Tyreese
  • ShadowWalker
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    Don't buy it!