I'm not happy with the crafting change

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Title says it all. I won't be crafting at all because I view the new system as broken. And if you're also not happy, add in your 2 cents.


  • anderfm12
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    And new walkers, got excited putting several in the challenge
  • wms
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    I made over a hundred badges today.   And wondering why I even play this game.   A bigggggggg waste of time and resources that I have been gathering components for a long time. 
     I got several ledgendaries and even a couple with the new traits.   But none  of all the badges I made were actually usable.  TOO many traits lumped in 2 catagories to make even having a chance to get a useable bonus zilch.   
    I was happy that new traits were offered but my time, effort and cost was totally a rip- off in regards to badge crafting.   I'm done...maybe not just with badge making.  I have put so much effort into this game.  It's a big disappointment and extremely frustrating.
    Is there no way to have smaller groupings?   Melee example: There's a big difference in badges for warriors and those for bruisers.etc, etc. 
  • BenjaminT
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    I had a similar experience crafting earlier today, although on a smaller scale. Perhaps I’m going about it all wrong but it really does seem like the pay off for putting time, effort and resources into crafting is a long way from being aligned with other aspects of the game. It’s so far off it seems strange. 
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    There needs to be an option to filter out what bonuses based on traits we do/don't want. Getting tired of re-rolling only to have the bonuses depending on such traits as Defensive and Bullet Dodge MORE THAN ONCE!!!!! Maybe put these unfavorable traits/teammates on a list where such bonuses NEVER result from re-roll.... 
  • RysingPhoenix
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    IMHO A better way to fix badges would be to ensure ALL traits are useful.  Like make Dodge and Iron Skin actually work on high level, Follow Through to be devastating, Defensive Stance/Vigilant/Bullet Dodge...well maybe just remove some that's not useful enough to be fixed.
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    Having so many abilities for a badge to choose from has made crafting terrible.
    It was hard enough trying to follow the map and get good badges at both even & odd slots.  Add in trying to get the right set shape and it takes a ton of time, luck and spreadsheets.
    It shouldn't be this hard to get a decent set of badges.
    I see two options:
    1) Split up the bonuses into smaller groups, as has been mentioned multiple times.
    2) When rerolling the bonus, the reroll should only go through that set of traits. For example, there are two trait sets, and 8 hero sets.  When reolling, you should only go through the set that the bonus came from.  If the original Bonus is Defensive Stance, you shouldn't be able to reroll it to a hero, or to a trait in the other set.
    Either way, I made a few badges with the new system, but I am done crafting any badges until some positive changes are made.  There is no point right now with how poor the odds are, and how impossible it is to reroll a bonus.
  • euchid
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    Add one badge that always has Ruthless and leave the rest as is.
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    I want NGs to fix this too, and who knows maybe things will change for the better. But I'm not going to hold my breathe here. 

    In the meantime... 🔧🪛🔩👇👇

    If you want decent bang for your buck, and your accustomed to using crafting maps, just start crafting on the (NO BONUS) slots. 

    Why? The # numerical value is a smidge higher with No Bonus badges, and if 99% of badges with bonus are useless or nearly useless, then stop trying and go for something that is usable by EVERY hero/survivor.

    Cheers 🍺😉👍

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  • ADPaq
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    I think NG often gets caught up in their RNG monetisation model and they craft (oh ho ho) unnecessarily complex and cumbersome features life the crafting system to maximise the RNG.

    The problem is, many players don't require anything like perfect badges to do very well each week.

    So who is this whacky system aimed at? The completionists who want perfect sets or new players who can be more easily exploited?

    I stopped crafting a long time ago and now have a stockpile of 129 gold fragments and over 600 gold components. I'm not good enough to complete every challenge perfectly but I doubt better badges would make me. So they end up being relegated to the bin along with reinforcement tokens, most speed up tokens, regular survivors and half the heroes.

    At least make the system useable for those who actually went to craft or you'll just turn them off entirely.
  • wms
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    edited December 2022
    Thought about your comments about No Bonus badge making.   I had given up on trying to get usable badges with trait bonuses after 2 days of worthless badge making, wasting components, and trying to reroll.   For example, I have several bruisers of which many have badges with strong, etc. that are no longer beneficial as I replaced traits with some new traits that came out.  Not willing to go thru what I did to get decent badges in the first place.   I think the only option is now to just replace with No Bonus badges which will be somewhat more beneficial than having the wrong badges on them. Being able to replace existing traits without having to go thru the whole badge replacement again would be a big boom! Of course, this applies also to all classes, not just bruisers.
  • BenjaminT
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    I’ve been crafting on the no bonus slots for a while too. The comment I made above about how bizzarre it is that is soooo much more effort to get perfect badges (unbelievably difficult) than it is to get very good ones (really easy) is even more confusing in relation to @ADPaq’s comment, because I’m also not convinced that final extra 10% damage is really going to make much difference to me, I’m not entirely sure all the fuss about it is even warranted 
  • Novell
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    Decrease rerolling cost for bonus condition significantly is the key! First roll 1 token, 2nd roll 2 tokens, next rolls max 3 tokens.
    Bring it NG.
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    Yeah I think NG editing the crafting sequence would be comparable to opening pandoras box :lol:. From what I understand and remember reading on the forums this was completely unintentional. As mentioned there are wayyyy too many options grouped into a select few badges and there are way too many badges in the sequence with no bonus at all so Atlas makes a good point. Besides, having no bonuses just removes the headache of trying to make all the pieces fit!

    Ideally you would like to see smaller groupings of traits that are maybe more suited to particular classes or builds spread more apart on the sequence but I'm also not holding my breath on this one. Just me or does anyone hate that a trait like punish is now in the mix? It's a trait that you can get on one single class so if that pops up it is extremely limiting instantly. I personally think this should be removed from the rotation. At least all of the other traits are limited to melee/ranged.
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    Lol deleting my comment real fast that is possible 🤣
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    I'm from the "go back to the first table" team XD

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    This new badge crafting system makes it even more impossible to get perfect badges. 

    That said, many of you are way overestimating the importance of perfect badges. The difference between good  and perfect badges is negligible. Just aim for a matching set (4 out of 6) to get the 20% bonus, the rest is gravy. 
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    I really think allowing a hero to benefit from his own bonus would be a good move. 

    It would trigger many OCD to complete a set for each hero. 

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  • ShadowWalker
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    There is one positive thing (gasp!) I would like to point out with the current system, which is the potential to craft even/odd badges with certain traits without having to "jump" around. If we do go back to groups of three, then can there be more places to craft trait badges and a better balance of even and odd spots.