Certain items should be removed from guild gifts

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Gold is by far the most important resource in the game. It's not easy to get in good quantity for free and players spend real money on it. When we are giving gifts to our guild mates to show appreciation or celebrate the holidays, guild gifts shouldn't include 6 gas or 40k exp. Out of about a dozen guild gifts shared by my team this weekend, I got 6 gas x 5 and 40k exp x 3.

Most players in the end game never run out of gas and have no use for experience. Gas and experience should be removed from guild gifts completely. 


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    I'd rather have gas or xp than some crappy gear TBH 

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  • Killdozer187_
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    Remove the worthless stuff from gacha gifts and replace it with 2.5% chance of getting brand new in game currency/tool called "a lump of coal." This new in game currency has the ability to instantly kill commonwealth walkers. It works just like tools.

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  • Stalker20
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    At least put the gas on the same level as an advert gold crate (15) even silver (10) has more than the miserly 6 in guild gifts. 
  • Stalker20
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    And gold crates should only have legendary gear imo. 
  • RiotZappa
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    100 gold to get 43k xp is pretty ridiculous. 

    It's 2 gold for 860 xp....

  • ShadowWalker
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    RiotZappa said:
    100 gold to get 43k xp is pretty ridiculous. 

    It's 2 gold for 860 xp....

    I mean you're making it seem like you are spending 100 gold just for 43k xp. If you're in a full guild the cost comes out to a little more than 5 gold per gift.
  • echonap
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    The average value of the gift must be less than 5 gold. Otherwise, people will form gift giving guilds and just swap gifts ad infinitum for profit.