search party in 7 turns?

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search party in 7 rounds? is this correct as planned



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  • m4s
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    Really only 7 rounds to finish the maps?

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  • anderfm12
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  • BlackF
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    Guys, come on. This was surly only meant for one map, right?
    No chance to finish every map in Nightmare Mode within 7 turns.
  • ThanosOfTitan
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    This is bullshit you have to rush it to get it done in time, how the hell will you be able to do it in nightmare mode, it’s also on the ambush as well 
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  • Wattlauefer
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    "Stuck in the middle" has same issue. also a 7 turns mission
  • BlackF
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    What about a quick restart and no round passes? That would be the icing on the cake. Pleeeeeeeeease!!! 🙏🏻
  • m4s
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    why one map?
    i have 7 turn in the all maps !
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  • VioletFlame
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    What is this!!

    Really honestly I cant find a way that this make sense..

    * Make challenge more exciting for advanced/veteran/endgame rs (no coz most play melee)
    * Melee players cant reach this all the way
    * Players with lower experience and use challenge to practice their skill's and learn the heroes in different teams better to play with

    This real not chill and as 4/5 months player real demotivated to learn became a better ranged/melee gamer in challenge...
  • Andreas07
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    Time for a quick decision!
  • RiotZappa
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    The fact they failed to notify anybody shows they knew it was a shite idea and would create a fuss beforehand.

    Doing this week as a one off, not spending 1 gold or 1 tool. It I get 2000 I don't care.

    I don't see the end goal of this, making thousands suffer to appease a few lunatics who don't think it's hard enough. BORING!
  • Wattlauefer
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    As I see all missions from the challenge have "7 turns"
  • Slize
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    yeah it's added to whole challenge 🤢🤢
  • Mario_Romero
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    It's appalling there is zero response one hour into the challenge.

    NG still on holiday?

    Haven't had morning coffee yet?
  • capibara
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    That’s not fair. everyone has his strategy and gameplay.
    To perform the 7 turns means that we will be all playing on the same footsteps …praying for the good initial spawn and to not lose too much gas and gold 😕

    Then also 7 has simbology linked to concepts like ..Luck.. Mystique.. Gods.. not good
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  • Mondlicht
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    Few hours ago I posted a true "Thank You for this game NG" but I'm speechless right now.
    What's the point of completing missions in 7 turns?? To make the game more challenging for the end players? Fine! Add some damn nuclear resistant zombies for God's sake!!
    This game is (was!!!) all about strategy, thinking, not rushing and running ... Please you're destroying it!!!!
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  • Firekid
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    I like it. Adds something different to the challenge, what I would say is that the 2nd star should be avoid struggle rather than injury. Allows a bit of a mistake at early levels when your rushing without being penalised. Could also bring defensive builds back into the game on some map types. 
    We’ve been through changes like this before where nearly everyone’s stars will drop and yes not so many people will be able to finish the challenge perfect. But people should just try and finish the challenge with the highest score they can. I for one will be dropping stars really early on ambush as that’s going to be ridiculous to get through in 7 turns without being hit. 
    Maybe NG could do something with the reward structure though. Being the 100 phones down to something that can be got without going perfect and shove 200 or 250 phones at the perfect score? Bit of tweaking needed but overall bring it on I say. 
  • Rembrant
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    No notification, no warning, nothing? Sneaky, very sneaky NG.
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  • Griplee
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    People wanted the game to be more difficult just accept your not always going to have a perfect score and enjoy the challenge 
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