search party in 7 turns?



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    I was on the phone with another player with a memorial tent.  He was trying to calm me down about me saying the less than seven was nerfing us.  He told me no it wasn’t nerfing us, it was throwing us in the deep end with ankle weights and a diver’s belt.  He is right!  Not warning us of this change and making it so is like throwing a drowning man an anchor.  I am so mad I am done with challenge with 550 or so stars and leaving the rest of my remaining round passes from this last (and my first time ever) completing the challenge.  I am madder than when my brother first completed and y’all reset round passes due to an error y’all made.  This is not right @fluxx and I want to hear your take on it. 
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    Individual missions cleared all stars
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    Where is the News alert that something will be added? No “turn” countdown. I have got 3 full Guilds that are not very happy. It would be different if you increased Council level and thus all other building and upgrades.

    NG is starting to gain a reputation of just being a mediocre game like some of the others.

    I will wait for response prior to posting on Facebook.
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    To help clear up, MM worked properly after clearing individual missions from a failed MM.
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    I’m playing on a 6th gen iPad if that has any bearing.
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    Totally ruined the game think I’ll be deleting soon
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    Imagine being penalized for playing along with star hero vs the RNG and not being able to kill everything on the map in time. I want to know if I finish with 2* will I get the same rewards as hitting 5358
    Yes, you will. Fluxxx announced it in the famous closed thread Capibara meant about. At 4500 stars, as you ended the challenge with 2 stars each round. 
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    I don’t know how to post a screenshot, but I just won a perfect 8 gas mission, and I only got two stars? I need all the stars I can get and this bug doesn’t help! Please explain 🙂
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    For better visibility, the replies from before:

    To make sure everyone is very clear on a few points that have been brought up multiple times again:
    - Challenge objective to complete within 7 turns is not accurate, and will not be included in future weeks maps. This was a setting in this new map set only
    - You will still get rewards if you go past 4500 stars
    - Guild stars and rewards have also been adjusted accordingly
    - Those who were already past these scores in Challenge when the change was made > we will look into those separately and send compensations accordingly
    - No need for a ticket to support as all changes have been made to the game, and compensations are handled automatically

    Thank you for the patience and understanding, and apologies also from my side on the confusion. 
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