NML Forum Awards 2022 🏆

Lexia Member Posts: 1,179 ✭✭✭✭✭

⭐️ Welcome to the second NML Forum Awards! ⭐️

While there are still no half-time performances or fancy finger food, this is still the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who visits and is active on the Forum.

It doesn’t matter if you just visit from time to time, if you just like to share your reactions to others comments or threads, or get excited to have a longer conversation with someone, everyone and everything is still important to us. So, thank you for being here and for being part of this community 😊

Since the previous NML Forum Awards and special badges had such a nice reception, I’d like to once again acknowledge some members that have made a huge impact on the Forum in various ways during the past year, starting with the member with the highest reputation score for the year 2022 - @ATLAS-Z with an amazing score of 2601 (that's more than last year even)! 👏

Honourable mentions go to our second and third place holders: @FuriousMoldovan and @Governator ! 🙌   

Next up I’d like to award a special “newcomers” badge to one member who returned to the Forum during 2022 with a bang and contributed with a lot of different conversation topics - @JordanYuki ! 👏

Our third special Forum badge will go to the member who has been been VERY active in gathering all kinds of different badges, crowning themselves as the current badge hoarder of the Forum - @Governator with an impressive 191 Forum badges! 👏

Honourable mention also goes to @zbot who was just 1 badge short of bringing this to a tie, having 190 Forum badges in total! 🙌

Last but not least, and as a suggestion from last year, I’d like to honour some members who have been a huge part of NML Forum for a long time, and become the current All Time Leaders of the Forum and deserve their own special badges 👏 :

  1. @Jenng
  2. @Governator
  3. @capibara

Congratulations to all the NML Forum Awards 2022 winners, and thank you to ALL for being here with us. Your support is an important part of NML, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring us!