Occupying same space as a fatty

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My warrior hit him with a mace, while in overwatch. He went backwards a space, glitched, then came back to the space he was hit. I then went to hit him and it only allowed me to occupy his space. None of my toons could hit him while I occupied the same space. I moved my warrior away from it, and he hit my toons many times. He was unhittable for about 3 turns. Lol


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    @Overgrowdaworld when that happens, exit the game and restart it, the heavy walker isn't at the spot shown but next to it, restarting the game will show where the heavy walker actually is.
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    Thx for the advice. This glitch already took some additional gas away from me.
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    You don't really have to restart the game all the time, you can always find out where the walker has been moved to, if for example your goal is to attack him, aim around where he appears to be, search the closest cells that are next to him and you'll have an option to shoot "at nothing", but you will actually shoot at him, you can also attack him with melee the same way, just seek the path that would lead to an attack.

    By the way, this bug usually happens with morning star and the bruiser's shield, as those move the walkers away. Maybe the new assault gun has the same issue.
  • IronUncle
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    The same thing happned with me during the GW today.  I was going to occupy the same space as a raider.
  • hdhdh
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    This has been happening to me using the bulldozer. It knocks back and you occupy the same space as a walker. Definitely should fix this bug. Happened to me in the challenge and distance 
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    Seems like if they could fix this they would have by now?

    Maybe we should just remove Push from the game?


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