TWD: No Man's Land - DECA Games to take over game development

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Hey everyone,

We have some big news to share today.

As part of our new direction as a Netflix Studio, we have made the decision to transfer No Man's Land (NML) to another game studio. Today, we are excited to announce that DECA Games, under the Embracer Group, will be taking over the future operation and development of NML as we will be stepping away in the coming weeks. DECA has a long and celebrated history of running long-term products, an endeavor that DECA Games will continue with NML. 

Thank you for your love and support for No Man's Land. I mean it, on behalf of our whole team, when I say that the NML team has had the great privilege of supporting this amazing community for the last 7+ years. We've been through a lot together! Many ups and downs, but you guys always cared for the game with so much passion, it is truly rare.

I especially want to call out to all of our long-term players, content creators, and driven guild leaders, who have been going above and beyond to ensure the interests of the players, creating content to inspire and educate others, organizing events to bring everyone together - you have been shaping this game since the beginning, thank you ❤️ We have learnt so much from you. 

This is certainly a significant and emotional moment for us. As a company, Next Games is entering a new chapter, which does mean many changes, including us focusing on developing games for Netflix, where games won't follow the free-to-play business model. We hope that we'll see at least some of you in our future games. In the meantime, we are confident in DECA Games' ability to create wonderful game experiences together with your help 🙌

To highlight this once again - the Next Games team will still be around for several weeks, and you will know when we have stepped away for good. 

Without further ado, let’s welcome DECA and the new Community Manager - Jason ! 👏

Hello everyone!

I am Jason, and I'll be representing the DECA Games team who will be taking on No Man's Land. We're very excited to meet you all! It is a great honor to join the community behind NML. For a bit more information on us at DECA, we are a publisher focusing on the operation of free-to-play games, and we aim to provide you with the best possible game experience. Our mission and entire business revolves around the long-game operation strategy - we want our games to continue for decades, and that also now includes NML. Other games we currently operate include “REALM OF THE MAD GOD” - 7+ years in operation, "ALMOST A HERO" 3+ years in operation, “ZOMBIE CATCHERS” 5+ years in operation and other long-term products.

We fully understand that you may have questions and concerns about the game in the face of this major change, but we want you to know we will be here listening, and we will actively absorb your feedback to make NML better. 

Please be ensured that this new organization will not, in any way, impact any of your accounts, and playing the game will continue as normal. We have been working closely with Next Games to ensure a transition of all content, as smooth as possible. NML aims to be an amazing gaming experience, and we will do everything in our power to keep improving it with the same high-quality content you have engaged with since the beginning. Moving forward, we will do our very best to bring constant updates to keep your gaming experience in NML as exciting as ever.

I will be hosting a separate Q&A session here on the Forum soon, so in case you have any questions or concerns, please do add them in this thread or bring them up in the Q&A discussion. I’ll try my best to answer them as well as I can.

Me and the team are very excited to start this journey with you, and engage with everyone in various ways!

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  • WastelandMan
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    hi @Jason what DECA plans on GW game mode? 
    Do you plan more 3 year of  GW Beta?

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    Now's your chance to finally get a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range @Governator
  • LeonPlayon
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    Thank you NG for this lovely game!
    And welcome to DECA! You have some big shoes to fill :)
  • TheSaviors
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    Awesome game but I think that the game lacks huge amount of improvement and deserves to be fully updated and made more realistic. We welcome you to the team and the overall game community. But Can we just ask that you and the team make the game fully free like outfits content and everything free so that the content is naturally given and earned by the players of the free game? I do think everything old before you guys took over from NG souls just give us everything prior to the introduction to our new contents and chapter. Everything in the game from 2015-2023 should just be given to all the players naturally for free as a thank you for playing the game to close the first chapter of the games history and start a new chapter of the game and it's player base.
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  • Versyse
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    Yeah, delete more comments, truth hurts, doesn't it?
  • TheSaviors
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     @Lexia I do agree but sometimes it's best to say something and bring some topics up directly regarding the game and its content. What I said wasn't toxic but a small suggestion for the future of the game. I do welcome feedback and accept changes too. I hope the next chapter of this awesome game would be even better than it currently is or could've been. With that all said, I wish you guys at NG the best with the future developments at Netflix and do hope this new change we've been given improves the life line of No Man's Land. I welcome this new chapter of the game and everything that comes with it even if some of the changes aren't well deserved or are.
    You can breathe, You can Blink, You can cry.
    Hell, You're all gonna be doing that.
  • Killdozer187_
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    Oh, and welcome team DECA & Jason
  • NatsuDark
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    Guys, before you come here cursing due to a slight search on google or from your own experience of a game that now belongs to DECA, first check if, at the time of the avaliation, the game you searched for was already under the ownership of DECA. There were several poorly reviewed games that are now with DECA, but many of these multiple reviews came from a time when DECA didn't own the game, but another company.
    DECA, just as it is doing with No Man's Land, has owned many other games that previously originated from other companies. Think about it before you curse something
  • zeeblack
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    Lets hope the game flourishes under DECA. 

    Despite all the minor and major bugs in the game, the game still is my all time favorite and hope that it would continue for years to come.

    Thanks @Lexia, @zbot and all the developers and programmers at NG, it was really nice being part of the NG community since 2015....

    Now JASON from DECA, 

    Zee Black - SG Woots - Playing since 2015.

  • Killdozer187_
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    Is this going to be like the Twitter files when Elmo took over? If so, the first question we all need answers to is: Where is Next Games hiding Stu!
  • lolocopter24
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    Over/under on how long before NML gets the same treatment as Our World.
  • 8900rpm
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    Are any developers from NG joining DECA? If not, it may take a while for the new support team to get familiar with the coding and understand how the game works....
  • Burmeliinis
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    I'm really worried about the forums. These were nice but Deca's forums look like a throwback to 2020 :worried:
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  • Ramrod
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    Good luck at Netflix Games.

    Hope you could do more than an eight level game and waiting for beeing renewt. 😁
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  • Bojangles
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    Thanks Lexia, Fluxxx and to the rest of the NG-squad!

    Basically I wouldn't mind if everything just stayed the way it is (aside from the bugs)... the only question I have is: will GW ever come out of beta now? 😅
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  • Dr_Krieg
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    Good luck NG, thanks for the only mobile game I enjoy!
    Welcome DECA, I hope you can keep this journey going for a looooooong time, maybe make the prices more palettable, I spend more often when stuff costs less.
    All the best!
  • FuriousMoldovan
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    Bojangles said:
    the only question I have is: will GW ever come out of beta now? 😅

    No more GW Beta.
    Now it's GW Deca. 😆
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  • Bamster
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    Jason, is there any chance DECA has the server capacity to run true PVP game modes?  Think outpost but in real time with real players on both ends?
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    Now's your chance to finally get a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range @Governator
    Oh yeah! But, I hope I don't lose any of my forum badges... :anguished:
  • capibara
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    I'm really worried about the forums. These were nice but Deca's forums look like a throwback to 2020 :worried:

    This forum will be closed?? 

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  • BigBob
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    @Lexia @Fluxxx thank you and NG for a wonderful game and experience. You will be missed. Just know you are all appreciated. Peace and much love. ❤️
  • Cronus
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    First priority for DECA is to find Stu. Where are you?!
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