no event badge removed for free for weeks

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For the past few months, the free badge removal event has been happening mostly every 2 weeks. Often it was Monday to Wednesday. So everyone who doesn't have infinite badges could always remove the badges from the last 2 Star Heroes and give it to the new Star Hero. I myself have 3 sets of badges that I can change like this. Since the event didn't exist for 3 weeks, I don't have a decent set to equip the star hero anymore. I'll still find something, it's just a compromise of badges. I can live with the compromise, there are worse. ;)
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    As far as I know, free badge removal has never been every 2 weeks. He alternated between Horde, Free Badge Removal, Extra Unlocks, Tomato Monday, and 5 seconds building update  (And sometimes equipment 25% cheaper). It never went every 2 weeks.
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    I checked, the 26 most important heroes have badges with me. Then until the last challenge I had 2 free sets of badges that I always gave to the other star heroes. I picked another non-optimal set for the last challenge as there was no event to trade. Now I need another set, so that's already 4 sets now. Until the week before last, I always got by with 2 sets. Maybe it was also because star heroes from the 26 most important heroes were often with me. But there are not only events from Monday to Wednesday, but also events from Friday. As I said, I always got by with 2 free sets of badges, now I even need a fourth.
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    @Loewe1968 there's not 26 important heroes lol

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    @ATLAS-Z You're right, I phrased it poorly. English is not easy for me, I can only German well.
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