Can I get your insight? Re: Mercer Charged Almost Every Turn

Elsbeth Member Posts: 83
In my combo SMY,  I have Mercer w/ Carol’s cookies and he blows all types of z’s away when charged. The issue is having him charged most every turn. When I give him Michonne’s Rainbow Cat, rather than the cookies, it seems he is charged almost every turn. Is it the SMY weapons/supports? Is it just one variable? I’m just trying to understand the nuances and I thank you for your time.


  • BenjaminT
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    I think this might come down to the universal phenomenon which is commonly known as “Sod’s Law”. When you give him Cat, he doesn’t need it. When you don’t, he does. As far as I know supports have absolutely nothing to do with how many charge points any hero will accrue through normal gameplay, I think you’ve just been a bit unlucky.

    The only suggestion I can think to make is if you might consider is replacing the Lucky Harpoon with Harrier (if you have it). What you’ll lose in guaranteed stuns is more than made up for by group crippling and will buy you more turns for Mercer to get charged up when he misses a point 
  • Elsbeth
    Elsbeth Member Posts: 83
    Thank you for the info. I’m thinking that I only have harpoon guns for hunters, and must have missed it for Assaults. Yeah, I do seem to have been lucky through round 75. Now, Mercer just isn’t getting it done. Again, thank you. And yes, when I give him CAT, I mostly use it to get Yumi charged. He seems to be charged most rounds.
  • Cronus
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    You want to give Mercer as much lucky as possible (survivor lucky, weapon lucky, and armor lucky). This will maximize your chance on charge points. Whether he has cat or cookies will not affect chance for charging.
  • BenjaminT
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    Also, the Primed trait on Mercer’s armour will make a big difference towards helping him stay charged up every turn. You get a lot more attacks that way, which means a lot more opportunities to get charged points 
  • hdhdh
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    Everyone's covered it, lucky on weapons and armor, primed armor, but also depends on the level of your sasha's leader trait. The higher it is, the higher the chance for mercer to get charged 
  • wms
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    Put cat on yumiko.  Yumiko being charged will impact number of shots for assault and will help charge.