☢️ 💥 Capibara is recruiting @ DEAD STALKERS 💥 ☢️

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Top Guild Dead Stalkers always looking for players 🙂

Room for Elite players to play Guild War in Master tier but also players of every level for our low tier Guilds.
Send me a message. Line id: capyrodent


Players of every level are welcome to DEAD STALKERS


 the most of us can play 5358 stars x Challenge but  we want to give room to real life. Right now we only care to have strong players competitive in Guild War and strong enough for top sectors. Actually main team is always paying “Perfect Score”.

Dead Stalkers is one of the oldest and originals guilds in the game with more than 18 Millions stars in Challenge.
We have 4 teams and we work as a big fluid guild giving chances to play in main guild based on your challenge score and Guild War level. Main guild uses to score more than 100k stars week.

We are very competitive and dedicated to Guild War.

Send me a messageIf you want to:
  • Eat beans, ride a Unicorn, talk with a rodent, learn swish swish, sold bananas, save the world, speak 5 languages, being married, waving at the window, forget how to cook breakfast, learn how to talk alone, learn how to cook breakfast, wear short shorts...or just be a better rodent, play strong and have fun post a reply here or send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE

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It was my first guild, started at the very beginning, one of the oldest guilds (...we already scored 1 million stars!).

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