5.9 Lethal Skirmish Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land

"Lethal Skirmish" Update Notes


The seasonal campaign for the Spring season is the Iron Crusher Campaign. As usual, you will be able to collect seasonal tokens in Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on April 24th and ends May 15th at 1PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Lucerne Hammer (Bruiser Weapon) for 2000 Spring tokens and The Last Word (Scout Weapon) for 3000 Spring tokens.


New Weapon: Lucerne Hammer (Bruiser)

Special Functionality:

Attacks in a five-space arc ahead of the user and guarantee not body shot on the main target.

Traits: Silver Destructive, Gold Concussion, Gold Razor


New Weapon: The Last Word (Scout)

Special Functionality:

If the survivor using this weapon makes an attack before moving on their turn, they may make a Quick Movement after attacking.
*Charge attack is an additional attack that can stun enemies in a semi-circle

Traits: Silver Charging, Gold Destructive, Gold Razor


·Fixed issue: ‘Join a Guild’ daily quest can be now completed and the rewards can be claimed.

·Fixed issue: Transitioned the survivor selection screen to the center. Players can now choose the right most survivor easily without scrolling the survivor selection screen.

*Please note: all information in the 5.9 Update Notes is subject to the final version presented in the game


  • DestructionGilrl
    DestructionGilrl Member Posts: 6
    Bonjour et merci de m'avoir acceptée sur ce forum,  concernant les mises à jours, nous apprécierions de recevoir les informations internes  dans notre langue dans la mesure du possible svp, nous passons souvent à côté d'informations utiles parceque nous les recevons en anglais et ne comprenons rien. Par contre ces derniers temps vous créez des nouveaux héros,armes et autres de proximité, dans notre team, personnes ne les utilise,y a t'il de nouveaux héros,armes, etc prévu pour les types tireurs, chasseurs et soldats svp?
  • IoSonoSempreNegan
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    Perhaps you'd do well to heed community suggestions:
    - we already have better weapons for "bruisers" ;
    - a stun weapon for a "scout" doesn't seem indispensable to me.
    Listen to us, please.
    iosononegan 🤛🏻👊🤜 member of "CHIMERA" 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
  • roganrushrich
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    edited March 2023
    Good day! It is very nice to see that you are already engaged in releasing your updates after NG's departure. But there are many questions about the fullness of this update.

    Firstly, does this list contain all the items that will be added in the upcoming update ? For example, several good skills for weapon and armor were introduced in the last update, which everyone was really waiting for but never received. If this is due to some bug, will it be fixed in this update? The description is very raw and it's not clear what exactly we will see in a month because of this.

    Secondly, it is not entirely clear what the new weapon will be in terms of functionality, since there are no complete descriptions of their functionality and gifs with an illustrative example of how these weapons work. For example, as I understand it, the new hammer is the first weapon for DD's bruisers, which is quite interactive, but it is unclear from the description what kind of charged attack will be and whether there will be additional effects on it, by the type of crippling or ensnare against non-stunned enemies, which would be very useful! And will there be any additional effect, such as guaranteed interruption (like on Mercer's axe) or pushing (like on the kingdom's shield)? Otherwise, it is completely inferior to Rosita's macuauitl and Luke's mace. 

    Next, the question to the braid (last word), how will it beat? Like a kingdom's spear or Merser's axe ? And what will a charged attack look like again, based on the previous question? And very important, what will be the animation? Obviously, the braid is very similar to a weapon for warriors, does this mean that the braid will make new warriors out of scouts?

     I hope to get the same detailed answer :smile:

    @AngeliaYang @Pablointhehouse
  • Wrightjoe
    Wrightjoe Member Posts: 1
    The new weapons are nice.  I  personally would rather see more characters added. Like Dale,  Andrea, and main characters from the other shows. There are outfits  available in the game for several of them already so get us the characters. This would make the game even better. Also in the shows weapons types were never exclusive to a certain character type. You should change that to match the show more. It would help make the game even better. 
    Thanks Joe 
  • Dr_Krieg
    Dr_Krieg Member Posts: 17
    edited March 2023
    I like the weapon models, they fit in with the later feudal period of the main TV show.
    Nice to see decent texturing too!
    I'm personally not a fan of gold re-skins or gawdy toy-like textures as seen on the burnout rifle, they pull the game out of the more grounded visual tone established in the TV show.
  • Blue3Blake
    Blue3Blake Member Posts: 1
    We still have characters from season 1 alone that haven't been added. please start adding all the other characters. Dale, Andrea, Lori, Jackie, Jim, and Dr. Jenner are some of the first I would like to see.
  • JordanYuki
    JordanYuki Member Posts: 716 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Some interesting weapons

    We’re missing some intormation though. How will the charge attack work with the Lucerne Hammer? An extra smash attack would be great

    And The Last Word, does it hit in an arc like Mercer’s Axe or is it a “long range” weapon like the Ornate Bident and Pitch Fork? If I had to pick, a “long range” scout weapon with an extra attack that can stun would be amazing. Wonder what the attacking animation would look like though. Maybe it’s something different 🤔 
  • Hellnight
    Hellnight Member Posts: 194 ✭✭✭
    Will we have explanatory videos as in each update or will we see a drop in quality in this regard?
  • Tulio
    Tulio Member Posts: 22
    Essa atualização está muito próxima da anterior e traz quase nada de atrativo!!
    Prefiro o formato antigo, com uma atualização por campanha sanzional e com vídeo explicativo!!
  • Killdozer187_
    Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 920 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Destructive isn't very useful for the bruiser class so meh. Scout weapon is interesting though. Would've really liked a video demo of the weapon mechanics. 
  • Slize
    Slize Member Posts: 49 ✭✭✭
    Demo of the weapons will be when you guys record own one by yourself. Do not expect much 
  • IoSonoSempreNegan
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    @Pablointhehouse several issues to improve:

    1. Update Notes should be posted in the "Announcements" section of the forum, not "General":

    2. Update Discussion should be in the "General Discussions" section though.

    3. Why the same name for 5.8 and 5.9 updates?

    4. Where is the usual tokens chart for Iron Crusher Campaign?

    5. Where are gifs and more detailed description of new weapons' functionality?

    6. "*Please note: all information in the 5.9 Update Notes is subject to the final version presented in the game" - this last part is extremely strange.

    Basically you're saying is - it doesn't matter what you post here in the notes, in-game stuff could be completely different.

    Then why post any update notes whatsoever?

    7. Update Notes were always the ultimate source of truth, not the other way around.

    8. "Traits: Charging. lv1, Destructive. lv2, Razor. lv2" - is a very strange weapon traits description.

    Bronze = lvl 1.
    Silver = lvl 2.
    Golden = lvl 3.

    Is it a Rare or Legendary weapon?
    Campaign weapons are always Legendary.

    And if it's a Legendary weapon description should be:

    "Traits: Charging lvl 2, Destructive lvl 3, Razor lvl 3"


    "Traits: Silver Charging, Golden Destructive, Golden Razor" -
    people are used to this format of describing equipment traits.

    Get it together.
    Excellent. 👏👏👏
    I hope DECA understands the "message".
    Our will is to continue to playing this game and if DECA collaborates, we can go on.
    iosononegan 🤛🏻👊🤜 member of "CHIMERA" 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
  • Teo_TWD
    Teo_TWD Member Posts: 2
    I can't wait for the update 
  • IoSonoSempreNegan
    IoSonoSempreNegan Member Posts: 76 ✭✭✭
    Why @Teo_TWD ?

    What's so exciting?

    I see only two weapons that are probably useless or poorly described.
    iosononegan 🤛🏻👊🤜 member of "CHIMERA" 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
  • Novell
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    Shooter doesn't started charged after updating. >:)
    Proud member of WEIRDnDEADLY
  • Pablointhehouse
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    Hey @FuriousMoldovan , super thx for your comment! First of all, I want to apologize for my mistake, if I caused any confusion in this thread.
    Here's the response:

    1&2. The Update Notes have been moved to the Announcements section. Thanks for pointing it out *bow*

    4&5. We'll optimize those in the future version update announcement. Thank you!

    6&7. Let me explain a bit. We added that statement to address some emergency situations; we guarantee that in most cases, the content in the update notes will match what's presented in the game. Please rest assured!

    8. Thanks for correcting me! I'm really sorry for my mistake. I've edited the weapon traits into a familiar way. 

    If anyone finds any other errors, please continue to push me, and I'll correct them ASAP!
    Don't forget to pin me if you have any other feedback or thoughts. Your opinions are very important to us.

    Again, much appreciated @FuriousMoldovan<3
  • Rowens
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    I have spent way too much time searching for a way to start a new discussion so this is where I’m doing it.
    re: new update March 27, 23. After update it showed player comments and it was about bringing back where Heroes actually die again like in the very beginning, I was there and that was NOT FUN. Every action in this game cost $ if you want to try to stay on top and not get wiped out on every turn, keep your buildings, weapons, Heroes at their top performance and still play a good game. I want to play a good game put not have to shell out a LOT of $ to do it. Been here since just after it started and the $ it takes is ridiculous. I stopped doing WARS because of the issues I’ve been reading about, the war after war, then having all the other things to do on top of that just to keep up, how are people supposed live a normal life with a game like that? 
    That’s fine if you have endless amounts of money coming in, play at work instead of actually working or you forget you have a family and bills to pay, let’s get REAL HERE! There are big bucks coming in from this game and it causes REAL LIFE ISSUES. People are getting divorces because the mortgage payments are going to a GAME that just wants more and more for every thing you have to do just to stay ahead. How can you play this game as much as you need to, or just keep shelling out the bucks to shorten the rediculous time that it takes to upgrade a tent, for instance. Are you kidding me?? Way to suck up the funds right off the bat to keep your end going. Way to ruin my favorite game, my only game. Who’s got time for this, who’s got the $ for this. I know you don’t care, you want people hooked on this. But I don’t think I’ll be sticking around especially if my characters get killed off after spending years and money that should have stayed in the bank to build them up. DON’T BRING THAT BACK! Don’t bleed us dry! Don’t ruin our game!
  • zbot
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    @Rowens not sure where you’re getting your information but they got rid of deadly missions a long time ago.  Challenge has an end so playing time has been greatly reduced.  As for upgrading take your time and enjoy.

    if you know anyone that’s having RL issues playing this game please ask them to seek help.  
  • Hellnight
    Hellnight Member Posts: 194 ✭✭✭
    zbot said:
    @Rowens not sure where you’re getting your information but they got rid of deadly missions a long time ago.  Challenge has an end so playing time has been greatly reduced.  As for upgrading take your time and enjoy.

    if you know anyone that’s having RL issues playing this game please ask them to seek help.  

    It's enough that @zbot attack all the comments against a bad aspect on the part of the developers.
    @Rowens he never mentions the deadly quests, he just refers to when he loses a character in a quest and must either wait 3hs or spend a silly amount of gold to heal them. Less cost could mean more users spend to revive their character. Regarding items, we are always in a cycle of getting something to use on another, and there are never enough. There could be special skins or outfits for characters gained by skill, something you don't need to wear except as a display of skill. The problem of wasting money he is talking about is not due to a gaming disease, but rather due to the fact that several players have a hard time buying a $15 pack. In the USA it can mean an hour of work, in other countries it can cost more than a day to earn that amount. Or should the game be only for players from countries with high purchasing power? 🤔
    Another thing @zbot, and this is from me, if you don't understand someone's text, don't decipher it, think that they probably used the translator. There are languages ​​other than English
  • Rowens
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    Thank you for being, “in my opinion” kind with your reply. I was over the top and I am sorry for that. You are right in that I should just take my time and play at my own pace, really. I do feel bad about my crazy rant and yes there are those that let games consume them with-out a doubt but, the blame should be with those players, not the game itself. It’s no excuse, but my Shepard has been I’ll and has kept me awake for 2 days and 2 nights and I have been worried sick about him and a bit on the looney side these days.
    I appreciate how you graciously responded, you need an award of some kind for that. Please except my apologies and best wishes with the game. Sasha’s Revenge, forever thankful. 👍🏼
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