Scammed by DECA

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I have boosted my second distance for 400 gold in order to obtain 150 event tokens to get the second weapon.

However the tokens were not credited to my account.

I then sent a message to support where they acknowledged the mistake on their part and told me the rewards could now be claimed.

However, nothing happened and within 10 minutes i let support know the issue was not fixed. This was Tuesday.
I got no more reply. sent an additional 2 messages to support but have been completely ignored by them.

A friend tagged @Pablointhehouse in another chat and was also given zero reply.

To this day the problem has not been resolved and i am being completely ignored.

I paid 400 gold to have these tokens and have received nothing, not even a further reply.

That while it is very easy to credit 150 event tokens to an account.

This is typical scam behaviour, you pay for a product and don't get any further answer to your complaints.

Played this game since the start, double boosted all campaigns for a very long time now and never ever had such a problem with NG.

Seems i will have to tag this company with Google for this kind of behaviour.

Be ware all who spend money in this game.



  • _Lily_
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    edited March 2023
    All I can say is that it's not a good look to completely disregard players that have been around since the beginning and are on the all time leaderboard. Mistakes happen, but it's how you act when they do that matters. Hopefully this does get fixed as people are still getting their impression on you guys and I know you wouldn't want this to be what they have in mind when they think about DECA. 
  • Governator
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    I've been ghosted by Support for a couple of of questions I asked. No reply for the last several days. I feel like they are about to break up with me. :unamused:
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    RIP NML 🤡