Buff Negan’s Leader Trait

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Even back when they reworked Negan I felt like the values of his leader trait were low. Since then, we’ve had a few other heroes that can support other survivors without being in the leader position. Like Yumiko, Beth and Connie that bring way more damage and utility.

I’d suggest changing his leader trait so he always marks 3 enemies and instead of marking more enemies when he’s the leader, double the extra damage enemies take when marked. Also increase the values of his leader trait. 

For exemple;

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe @ level 10

At the beginning of each turn, Negan marks the 3 closest enemies for 1 turn. The marked enemies takes 80% more damage and deals 50% less damage to your Survivors. The marked enemies cannot inflict status effects.

As a leader, marked enemies take 160% more damage instead of 80%. 

Damage from his leader trait should be high enough since he’s a bruiser and not a damage dealer like Beth or Connie for exemple and because his leader trait is limited to only 3 enemies. 

I’m not sure about the damage reduction part now that we have fortified.

What do you guys think? 




  • pkaygh1
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    I think attacks against marked enemies should be non-body shots as well as more damage. Current numbers are too low
  • IoSonoSempreNegan
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    I think if he could choose the enemies to mark, would be perfect.
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  • Shian
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    I would like to add an additional option 
    -Attacking the marked enemy still last the marker foe another turn
    Meaning if 3 first walker that being marked and you attack them the marker will be carry over to next turn then Negan will mark 3 more different enemy , that's should help alot more.
    With Fortified now we can survive a bodyshot if the damage are not too high so the reduce enemy attacking damage part should be increase too
    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,692 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Make it so any enemy marked by Negan loses all status immunity/resistance. 

    Watch him beat down a full HP CW or Tank and they just stunned and take it over and over, smash smash smash! 

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