Component Weekend Event - a few small improvements you can make, please? 🙏

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Hello @Jeroen @Pablointhehouse

Many players get very heavy on basic components (metal, edible, chemical, cloth) and very light on Fragments. Nothing can be done with those other components without Fragments. They just sit.

So I suggest adding 1 more slot for trade goods purchase right here ☝️(see image above). Just a few basic low rarity frags for sale next to the low rarity components. 

ALSO... you could make one small addition to the event to get players a little excited 👇👇

In the Components tab (which many players NEVER EVEN OPEN) you could offer a TINY "Free crate" with a small amount of components /frags, most of low rarity but with a small 🤏 chance at higher rarity. 

Have this tiny crate refresh with each cycle of the trade store. Include a notification to get folks to click over there. Maybe with the added exposure more people will even buy some of the big component crates?

Small Improvements to make a BIG impact on a somewhat stale event. 

Cheers! 😘

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