Season Pass Jacket

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If Princess wears the jacket from the pass.Tactical doesn't work on her.  See video. With Mercer it works as it should


  • BenjaminT
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    It might have something to do with Princess rather than the jacket. This morning the Tactical on my campaign Obliterator wasn’t working for the whole mission. I upgraded that gun following the original Obliterator campaign from ages ago. Swapped it out and back in before the next mission and it was back to working fine 
  • Jeroen
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    Let me know if it works after unequipping/equipping
  • BenjaminT
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    Hi @Jeroen,

    I had a tactical glitch with a warrior and an armour I upgraded quite a while ago. Now I’m back to thinking it might be an issue with the trait Tactical. Apologies if this is already known, wanted to put a message out before GWs starts in case anyone hasn’t been told yet. The short term fix is to unequip right before the mission and then equip 
  • Jeroen
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    So the discovered issue you want us to look into is "Tactical's move functionality doesn't seem to always work until you unequip/equip. Discovered with the Reinforced Broadsider Suit on Princess" right?
  • Callekuling
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    @Jeroen i had the same glitch with the same piece but on the hero Mercer today.
  • 寂寞在唱歌
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    I also encountered this problem
    when swapping equipmentTactical skills fail(Reinforced broadsider suit)
    Please fix it