NML DC artwork

first of all, let me say that i have zero artistic ability.

but when i first saw the new opening screen i had to wonder who the hell was that guy? was it a new character? it doesn’t even look close to what Negan looks like. also, Fighter Rosita and Jerry need to be redone. some characters are spot-on (Carol, Daryl, Morgan, Abraham, assault Rosita, scout Glenn, Jesus, Michonne) and some are totally not.

will there be any updates to the artwork in the game? thanks


  • Angelspit
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    It's an older Shia LaBoeuf obviously.   :) 

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  • FuriousMoldovan
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    Come on people, seriously?

    That's Joel from The Last Of Us!
    duh 😂

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  • Governator
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    I have no issues with Jerry. :lol:

    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,692 ✭✭✭✭✭
    JDM " can you make me look a little more like Clooney? That'd be great"


    But I think the artwork is quite nice. But not Jerry, poor Jerry needs some work

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