Rankings challenge for years crap

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Sorry for my English, I'm using a translator. ;)

For years now, the challenge rankings have been crap. Not who gets a certain result first in the challenge is best placed, but it goes after some incomprehensible "things".

For example: I've been playing every challenge for ages with the maximum score of 5358. But I'm never first in the guild because several people always play maximum. With the same results, it probably depends on who has been in the guild for how long. What nonsense. The global and national rankings are similarly strange. Not that it bothers me, but it doesn't make any sense.

Why not the way it has always been in motorsport. In the event of a tie, the player who scored the time first has the better place. So here in the game it would be the case that whoever gets the points first has the best place. That's the only way it makes sense.

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  • Killdozer187_
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    Claims that he "doesn't care" 
    Heavy flexes scoring 5358 for ages.

    Thanks for the laugh 🤣
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    Makes sense to me, I'm listing it
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    Claims that he "doesn't care" 
    Heavy flexes scoring 5358 for ages.

    Thanks for the laugh 🤣
    Believe it or not, I honestly don't care. But what I care about is that things work the way they should according to logic and not just somehow and no one knows how.
    In addition, one should consider: I know how overall ranking (wrong) works. So I take advantage of it and I'm in the TOP 100 every week. If my suggestion is considered, I'll never be in the top 100 again, because I don't have time to start the challenge because of work, within a few hours I can complete the challenge with the challenge to finish max. I usually don't manage that until Thursday, about 24 hours after the start of the challenge, often only after 48 hours.

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    Jeroen said:
    Makes sense to me, I'm listing it
    @Jeroen I don't think finishing first is the fairest tiebreaker method. Because it is a global game, with players from all over the world, with different time zones, therefore each one with different waking up, sleeping, working and playing times.

    Do you really want to create a fair ranking? Then create a tiebreaker method by counting the repetition of missions in the challenge, use of gold in the hospital during the period in which the challenge is active, the number of tools used in the missions or the number of times the supports were activated. This way we will really see the best players at the top of the leaderboard on a weekly basis. 

    This shouldn't be a racing game, where speed is the most important thing.

    It's not fair to be out of the ranking simply because you didn't wake up early to play, or because you have to work and didn't play before other players who had free time. It's not fair to be out of the rankings because it took a little longer to complete the challenge because it simply doesn't waste resources, and the other player spent dozens of tools to be able to finish first.
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    Yes all good idea. So the people who don't work or have no life on Wednesday will Score first and be at the top. What an excellent idea (sarcasm) 

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