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How often do the daily quests refresh?
So after the update I received 3 of them. Skipped the one that asks me not to kill any walker. Completed all of them. After sometime received a new one. And now about 12 or more hours past - no new quests...
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  • Headhunter
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    Yup same here. Everyone in our guild is receiving only one new quest per day. It would be nice to know at what time we are supposed to receive our new daily quest and how many. One quest per day doesn't seem enough.
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    I can't recall if it was on the Facebook page or on the site page (http://www.thewalkingdeadnomansland.com) but I read that were going to offer 3 to start with and then a new "one" daily with the option to delete once a day as well for a new one.

    But I agree 3 on a daily basis would be better.

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  • zoson
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    It was posted in another thread that the way it works is that you get your next daily quest 24 hours after you complete the previous one. And that you can 'store' a maximum of 3 daily quests(so if you don't do dailies for 72 hours you'll have 3).

    Also, you can discard one daily quest per day, and it will be *immediately* replaced. I tested this today.


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