• What good is an extra challenge day if I hit my Max on Wednesday or Thursday?? I like the choice of choosing your RSL level. Makes so much sense. @Narnia Great ideas. I agree with @Dragonfyre too. There's some great ideas here NG.
  • A Mentor that is sadly and sorely missed. @PWB. You brought Light into my life as a really good guy. You boosted my confidence as a player and an Elder. You've been gone 2 days and I just can't stand the fact that I Feel like we've lost a really good friend, always willing to help in Any guild that needed you in the Asylum…
  • I want the unlimited Phones bug please! Thanks!
  • I feel enormously Blessed to be in the Asylum family of Guilds, #1 We have the kind of people like @PRODJ that have the knowledge and skills to take the time to do the research. #2 We have a passion in this family that strives to keep this game moving forward. #3 To make NML fun again. #4 To Make sure changes are made for…
  • Thanks for the BEST Kitty video I've seen in a long time!! I Love the conversation they had about the game. You can tell they love it! Maybe get them to talk about Phones now, They may growl about that?