• Just tried to raid - first attempt was succesfull and raid went off without a hitch (yea me) but the next two just took 20 crates with "no match found" - so guess that bug wasnt hotfixed after all..
  • @OldGoth - are you going to fix the bug where you loose for no reason too ? and the one where you lose when you lower the flag on the last round ? I try and stay positive as i love the game but honestly what the heck was the beta testing period for when it looks like we are all beta testing it over right now ?!
  • @jester - according to the log over battles it was the warrior yes..
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  • I have played 3 battles and so far i have encountered the following bugs: match 1: i lost with 6 rounds and 4 minutes remaining, no reason what so ever, one of my guys got hit by a survivor and that was declared a lose, the two others where safe and at full life. Match 2: managed to win this one however the crate price…
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  • Dont get me wrong, i love the game and have sunk hours upon hours into it but the greats trick NG ever pulled on us is was the radio tent, giving us the impression that the odds of getting a useful surviver was bigger by upgrading it and using 15 radios at a time..
  • Its really hard not to love NG and the game right now - weekend is going to be xgames on tv and TWD:NML on the ipad... wonder when i will find time to sleep... monday sounds like a distant goal :smiley:
  • i am from Denmark and get the local US board - i completely understand if there is no board for Denmark but i cant really relate to the US board either so that part is sadly kind of moot for me..
  • First off a huge thank you to you and the entire team behind the game, i really appreciate the time sink you guys have developed and allow me to play for free - not sure my girl friend feels the same but i really enjoy the time i spent with TWD:NML! People in the thread have already made many excelent points regarding the…
  • look on the bright side, this means the Devs are looking into it and working on a fix
  • by mistake i clicked on the link after watching an "after mission" ad and was taken to the app store, when i came back the game didnt notice that i had viewed the video so i didnt get to open 3 more chests - dont know if that was a one time glitch but something to keep in mind..
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  • LOL - happy holidays guys!
  • @Teeceezy - that would be sweet, stuff like that shouldnt require that we think and you will avoid a lot of bitching later on when someone lose great equpment due to auto scrap because they didnt pay attention to the amount of stored equipment.
  • let me guess we cant see our total number of stored equipment anywhere so we just have to guess ?
  • completely agree here - a lock feature would be very nice
  • increased drop rate my ass, burned 30 radios for a 3* and 4* - both as useless as they sound.
  • ouch.. that sucks.. but glad i heard this here compared to finding out the hard way
  • completely agree with this - so annoying and nearly cost me my epic hunter as she sprinted heads first into a herd.
  • Grats, thats one bad ass looking grandma :)
  • just did 2 calls at 15 radios each and got 2 3*'s that were sent away.. best survivor i have is an epic hunter that will max out at level 10 or 11.. guess i will keep trying