• Since playing these seasonal events, I always left icons with random equipment untaken and always received this equipment at the end of the event. I don't have screenshots to prove it but I'm a big boy and I can accept the loss of rewards. It hurts less after a few days.
  • I did it. That is the answer i got: Hi GeoTheIslander, Thank you for reaching out to us! My name is Tiger and I will be assisting you today. Please kindly note that Player Support is not able to manually assign rewards to players, after the time to claim them has expired. All players had one week to claim the outstanding…
  • Hello everyone! I follow the forum regularly but now i decided to register. I missed to take my event rewars, because i thought i get them automaticly after event ends, like it used to be before. Is there any option to get it? I unlocked all rewards so i know you guys feel my pain. Please help.