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  • Not to mention how quickly we moved on from Psv being the "must have" trait to Weakening. How many reroll and hero tokens down the drain, which is mega expensive with 3 or 4+ pink heros. I agree they are both great and melee needs love, but introduced like this in quick succession, just looks like a cash grab and will just…
  • And if you have cripple on Yumi, you can position princess 1 spot closer to nearest walker, which may net you more targets.
  • At 80% DR, at lvl 49 regular walker would do max 38.6k damage (according to Jubjab's table), which for most would be instant struggle. At 90% DR, a lvl 49 would do 19.3k, so could only take 1-2 hits without healing. At 95% DR, ~9.6K, so could take at least 3 max hits, which would make Bruisers a lot more viable and FUN…
  • 600 radios is 15 calls, at 1% chance for 2022, even with 3 chances and rerolls is not unexpected to not hit any. Too many bad heros in this call anyway.
  • Yes, yumi brought a guildmate the bow since update. Its very rare though, compared to other gear.
  • So I wasnt crazy. Farmed 67 missions on booster for supplies before getting my first jackpot earlier in the week. 
  • I hope so, they counted towards 2 different dailies with Shane in lead, "morgan kills x" and "kill 125 walkers", so if event uses the same accounting...
  • Radioactive jackpot.
  • It appears to have been a legit strategy that the 30 level difference cap that was put in addressed, kudos to NG.
  • Thank you for making things right! And the 25% GW tier reduction will help a lot of guilds. 
  • It's definitely slower than before due to having to wait for all the stupid new status displays to cycle out, before taping screen was enough, now it only works if statuses are done.
  • And wtf is up with top scores? 4M+ seems a bit of an outlier...
  • All of our war 3 results: Absent Absent Absent Absent Absent Absent 
  • Nope, its a turn based game, someone gets to go first. You can go at same time since actions have consequences. I stun your guy, he cant do anything, so if i go first, most likely win. Better would be co-op mode, you and teammate both take 2 or 3 vs. Walkers on much harder maps...
  • Powerstrike is perfectly fine when used when you have not moved, and Betas LT is uniquely suited to starting your turn with a Walker next to you, and with MS, can move or herd again if not killed or stunned. The nerf really hurts for when you have moved, especially with HDaryl. If Beta is getting hit, something has gone…
    in Beta Comment by Gothgul August 2021
  • But the new stun symbol is low contrast crap, very hard to see even when not cycling, especially when playing on a phone. Yellow pinwheel was far better.
  • There absolutely better be, we are 4 days absent, losing tons of RP and VP. They should take our average RP from last war per battle and reimburse for War3. And VP, not sure we will be able to reach Master tier with a complete write off on War 3 and we have made that consistently, so that needs to be addressed as well.
  • @Burmeliinis exactly! The explanation offered that these new symbols somehow help new players who are not dealing with hordes of walkers has no merit. They are terrible for ANY player because they do not give you the information you need at a glance, which was working perfectly before the update.
  • Same here, day 2 of being called absent. How does this get past even the bare minimum of testing?
  • Its terrible. As Welly said, this is not a matter of getting used to it. This is just not working on any level. Add to that our first 2 GW battles calling us absent, i just dont feel like playing, and I've literally logged in every day for years and had no plans to alter that, but it seems decisions are being made for me.
  • I cannot disagree more strongly. There is nothing more clear than this. here we can see clearly, at a glance, who is stunned, and who is not. Can you tell me who is stunned in this shot: Not without meticulously inspecting the ever flashing symbols. We have the redundant burning animation (good, totally sufficient), and…
  • At the very least, GW should be postponed until these issues are fixed, else it will only compound the frustration and lead to full on resentment.
  • Princesses LT will allow her more chance to charge in addition Sashas (stacked), so long as walkers are stunned, burning, etc.. With enough walkers, it doesnt matter much.
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  • I still dont get it, how is this a bug?
  • Once you unlock them, you equip them to a survivor when entering a mission
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but I feel it's important to give feedback. The sheer amount and consistency of the feedback, with which I agree 100%, should be sending a clear message to NG. Before update I knew exactly who was stunned, who was on fire, who was rooted, and who was crippled, and life was good. Nothing there was…
  • How would this work, whoever got to go first would be at a huge advantage. 
  • Also, Check pinned posts in badge channel here. Paste just posted a simplified version.
  • Eugene, RGG, and then Tdog and Morgan are about the same, situational although I'd give the edge to Tdog. Negan's LT just got a boost, so he may be quite useful now and could even be 3rd, will need to see how it pans out after the update.
  • Defenders in outpost or GW do not use charge attacks, and badges dont count either, putting them at a huge disadvantage. In GW, good leaders are Carl, Negan, and maybe Dwight. Their LT work passively. Also, any equipment you put on them will auto level to match the attacker level, and will be fully upgraded even if you…