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  • We would like to clarify that the in-game equipment traits are the final version, and the traits mentioned in the announcement were based on the testing phase, and may contain some errors.We have decided to retain the in-game equipment configuration, taking into consideration that most players have already viewed it.
  • I checked the historical data and it looks like there was quite a few similar feedback in 2022. Well, I would say that this seems to be an issue that is not easy to fix. 😃 I've let the game team know that our players are very concerned about this issue. Please also kindly note that this issue has been around for a while,…
  • This issue has been resolved and the compensate has been sent. 😄
  • As I said in the Developer Q&A with Jason on Feb 10 announcement: 'The team is now focusing on ensuring a smooth transition and getting everything sorted', so it's difficult for me to say that what exactly will be changed right now. 🤫 The link is…
  • So you aware, we do not support the use of third party software and the topic about using them is against our Forum rules and guidelines.
  • Yes and here I am 😎 As I said in the announcement. It's difficult for me to say what exactly will be changed for now. 😥 But I will be discussing this more with the team to move forward. We will see about that. 😊
  • Yes, Next Games did make some changes to the map last year based on the feedback that was shared, but it seems that it's still not enough. We will revisit this again, and see how we could further improve it without completely changing the idea of the map itself. 😊
  • I can really feel everyone's welcome and enthusiasm - thank you guys! There may be wonderful experiences as well as difficulties in the future, but I will try my best to hear from you and bring you an amazing game experience. 😊 Can't wait to start the journey with you! While I'm still trying my best to get familiar with…