• Would you really spent 20 euro just to get 1 epic rifle? Because the gold etc is going to be kind of useless at that level ;) Bought this pack like right away and now I'm just sitting there at lvl 35, like yo, what to do?
    in Bundles Comment by Jordi December 2015
  • I'd definately advice you to do deadly missions at least until you finished 500, which will give you 500 gold.
  • I got all my good survivors using 15 calls. When you use 1-calls however, you will receive more experience points.
  • The gold trait will be on the weapon, not on your survivor. Which means you will either need a blue, or a yellow gun for your survivor. Should you receive the silver version of this trait that will be 75% chance to interrupt, the bronze one is 50% chance.
  • Sometimes when you shoot it says 'LUCK' in big letters and then you crit. That means you did not crit because of your crit chance, but because of your luck. Same thing can happen with dodge where you get the message 'LUCK'.
  • Shooters are very good at taking down those fat high hp walkers and at later, higher stages, hunters cannot one shot kill groups of walkers anymore. Once that happens, I'd argue a teamwith a shooter is possibly better, depends on the mission too of course. Let's say your hunters do not 1 shot kill anymore. There are 5…
  • Love the changes in the patch. Some feedback I have on this game: Negative - Food is pretty difficult to come by - in comparrison to experience. - Lack of achievements. - I think the gas tank should be bigger, currently you have to play once every 2.5 hour (if the car is maxed). - Bruisers have a very good special, but…