• Got kicked out during a battle now it's telling me to join a guild. I'm the guild leader.
  • That's cool, we usually have the minimum, maybe +1 or 2. Even with that, some of my members join a battle with only the 5 gas that they got back from the previous battle. Leaving us with 2-4 clearing tier 2. I've managed to make it to tier 3 only 2 or 3 times. If everyone used their gas more wisely then we would get…
  • They could be clearing other areas in order to move on to the next tier where the point values are higher.
  • I gave it to a generic survivor in my outpost. Raiders are usually bunched up at the gate when it opens. It must be doing some good there. Since then I've thwarted almost as many raids as I've lost.
  • > @Artminius said: > Anything you can do to prevent double and triple up enemy efforts would equate to about a 15% net efficiency gain for my guild. > Yeah, yeah, I've begged them to play 'find it, kill it or offer in chat' or 'no-one takes enemy without being assigned'... But my guild mates are bloodthirsty barbarians…
  • I try to keep my guild together by calling out the direction after we clear a level. My team knows to look for it but it would save time and help the flow if we could see it on the map screen.
  • Glad it's not just me. The one battle that my team was able to play yesterday was pretty cool. The overall process however has been nothing but frustration for two days. I get it, it's new and huge and there will be bugs, but damn...
  • I've had one hopper so far. I also got a pretty decent new member that stuck around to contribute to the challenge while she waited😘
  • > @Kaz said: > Lowering the required number is a possibility, but it means that if you fight a guild with 10 members, you'll probably lose. 7/10 Still gives a chance though. > The one battle that I scrounged enough people for only had three people on my team and one on the other team actually playing.
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  • Getting my people together is like herding cats! I've only gotten to play one battle today. I even told them to just join the freaking battle even if they don't want to play. Nope. Punks. To be fair, we're scattered all over, geographically. It's hard to synch a team that has members in Texas the UK and Taiwan to name a…
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